Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Reasonably comparable in size

The annexation:  tweet (Nahal Toosi):
"Mini-SCOOP: I obtained the talking points the @StateDept is telling US diplomats to use when talking about the Mideast peace plan. There are some interesting bits, including on the US agreeing to recognize Israel law in West Bank settlements:"
So much lawfare here you can small the Merchant of Venice slinking around in the background:
". . .  the United States has committed to recognizing any Israeli actions to extend Israeli sovereignty into areas of the West Bank that the Vision foresees as being part of Israel in a two-state solution. The United States would recognize the application of Israeli law only in those areas."
Note also this whopper about the tiny statelet and bantustans:
"This Vision ensures the future State of Palestine is viable, connected, and reasonably comparable in size to the territory of the West Bank and Gaza pre-1967."
JYT:  "Today’s ‘NY Times’ report on the new annexation plan is a disgusting example of pro-Israel bias" (North).

Who is the troll in the background?:  "Donald Trump Unveils Jared Kushner’s Middle East Peace Plan" ('Hunter Wallace').

The plan from the beginning is to have the Palestinians reject it, so that Israel can steal the land and not have to give any of the pittance required by the deal, and thus keep Bibi out of jail (now that the Bibb legal problems are no longer required, it would not shock me if they just disappeared).

On the (((media))) blaming it all on Christian Zionism:  "Ultra-Jew Overload: Trump Unveils Kushner’s Brutal Peace Plan for Israel-Palestine Conflict" (Anglin).

Tweet (David Beard) (Trump had lots of excuses for escalation if he wanted to):
"For the fourth time, the Pentagon has raised the number of American military personnel injured in Iran's missile attack three weeks ago.

Now it's 50."
Tweet (Mike Prysner) (she just can't stop lying):
"Yikes. After her own brother publicly refuted her claim on campaign trail that their dad was a janitor—then press confirmed he was never a janitor—Warren is running a new campaign ad calling her father a janitor. And get this, using a photo of him with a garbage can as “proof”"
Tweets by Alexander Clarkson on UAE's role in Libya.

"Practice Fusion pushed opioids" (Metafilter).  Pharma Co. X is Purdue.
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