Thursday, January 23, 2020

Saudis are the worst

Tweet (Shashank Joshi):
"As with Khashoggi, the first Saudi response is: 'nonsense, that's untrue', and the second, shortly afterward, is 'maybe it's true, but it's not as bad as it looks'. In a day, you can expect 'it's true, it's bad, but it wasn't the crown prince's doing'."
Note that the attack on Bezos - which ended up costing him $38 billion! - is part of a pattern that has been going on for a while:  "Government agents likely affiliated with Saudi Arabia spying on dissident in Canada, Citizen Lab alleges" (Freeze).

"Saudi critics should revisit Sue Myrick's 'Wake Up America Agenda'" (Caschetta).  The consistent Saudi trick of using its diplomats to sneak out privileged and feckless Saudis who have committed a crime is starting to grate (see the Canadian case from a year ago).

All the stories on this incident are hilariously slanted to the Saudi perspective, but essentially the Houthis managed to take out another large group of Saudi-hired mercenaries:  "Iranian-backed Houthi rebels slaughter 116 Yemeni troops in weekend missile strike on barracks mosque before Saudi Arabia blows a rocket out of the sky over its airspace" (Ibbetson).  Just look at all the tendentious words in the headline!

The UN tried to pin the Houthi attack on Saudi oil installations on Iran, with strangely little spin from the neocons, presumably as the standing order is to downplay the vulnerabilities of all oil installations in the Gulf area, as such thoughts are not 'good for the Jews':  "UN monitors say Houthis not behind Saudi Aramco attacks: Report".

For a guy who is supposed to be stopping a war, he still manages to kill a lot of civilians:  "Saudi-led coalition resumes airstrikes near Yemeni capital" (al-Haj).

Added: "The Saudi Connection: Inside the 9/11 Case That Divided the F.B.I." (Golden/Rotella) (this kind of warning pops up whenever the American government is angry with the Saudis, and the real problem, prompting JYT involvement, is whenever the Saudis sanely contemplate better relations with Iran):
"What little they knew about life in the West came mostly from a crash course in Pakistan, in which Mohammed tried to teach them to read airline timetables and telephone books and showed old Hollywood movies with hijacking scenes."
Added:  "America Is Giving Saudi Arabia Cover for the Worst Human Rights Abuses in Decades, Watchdog Warns" (Brennan).  Again, bizarre sudden Assholian interest in 'human rights' is an indication that the Saudis are displeasing the Khazars.
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