Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Tweet (Inez Carole Shooter):
"Has it occurred to anyone that Harry & The Meg have scarpered because of #PrinceAndrew?"
"New pressure on Prince Andrew to help Epstein investigation" (Katz).  He's just going to drag it out until everybody gives up.  As we've seen, he is not talented at being interviewed.

It would be no more crazy if Trudeau hosted a clown in a Ronald McDonald suit and claimed he was the 'interim' President of the United States:  tweet (Anya Parampil):
"The bottom of this picture is blurred so that you can’t see Trump’s arms reaching through both chairs"
"An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau on Venezuela" (Pagliccia).

In terms of deterioration, Harper would have met with him, but I'm sure Chrétien wouldn't have.

"A US Air Force battlefield-communications plane crashed in Taliban-held territory in Afghanistan" (Woody).  The US has just finished lying about having no casualties from the strike by Iran in Iraq, so we'll see. "Iranian state media cited a nonexistent Associated Press report to claim 'nearly 100 corpses' were found after a US military plane crash in Afghanistan" (Ma).  It is funny that Iranian delay in releasing details until it investigated the Ukrainian plane incident was a terrible 'lie'/'cover-up', but Americans aren't under similar rules and can take as much time as they want.  The problem with analyzing all these incidents, in the complete absence of journalism, and all state actors lying constantly, is that we have absolutely no unmediated access to any facts.  Of course, if a senior government official goes missing, eventually somebody will have to notice.

"Trump’s Middle East peace plan calls for two states, with Palestinian capital in east Jerusalem" (Higgins).  Although the 'deal' has got the land theft you would expect by and for kleptomaniacs, this is very anticlimactic.  Bibi will have to take the newly stolen land, and use it, as always, as the starting point for the next thefts.  Zionism is a progressive (well, regressive), ratcheting process.
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