Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Screw ups

Tweet (William Lafi Youmans):
Tweet (Borzou Daragahi):
Everyone knows that the best way to start off constructive negotiations is to start off by trashing the other party and calling them "screw ups"
One good thing about this is that a lot of eyes are going to be opened to how bad Chabad really is, Pure Unadulterated Evil, and President Jared can't hide his disdain for the farm animals.  'You are a screw up, goyim, unless you give us everything'. Another good thing? The leaders of the Gulf States are just as bad, and have proven it.

"Bennett to Netanyahu: 'Annex settlements now, and we’ll support you'" (Lazaroff). The obvious plan is to steal it all now, then never give the Palestinians even the pittance in the 'deal' (it is an odd deal that only involves one party!), on the basis that 'they didn't live up to their side'.  It has been set up to work like this (the Zionist ratchet - use each theft as the basis for the next one).  That strange four year delay takes us just past the end of Trump's second term.  Then they can start squeezing the borders, just like Gaza, to make life impossible, and steal the rest.

Bipartisan, goyim:  "Trump unveils farcical Mideast “peace plan” as Netanyahu is indicted" (Van Auken):
"In what amounted to self-parody, Trump proclaimed a “historic breakthrough” for the plan on the grounds that he had succeeded in winning approval from both Netanyahu and his rival in the Israeli elections set for March 2, Benny Gantz, the Blue and White Party candidate, who is a former chief of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)."
"Trump’s “win-win” plan hands everything to Israel" (Karmi).  The final 'deal' is actually much worse than the ideas that we floated over the last year, and rejected by the Palestinians.

It's basically a deal made possible by the intellectual framework of lite Zionism (if Khazars were capable of shame, guys like Weiss should be hanging their heads right now):  tweet ((((YousefMunayyer)))):
"Trump's plan is an extension of Liberal Zionism; if the axis on which everything turns is fitting any Palestinian existence to the contours of Zionism, it doesn't matter how small or disconnected the Palestinian entity is, as long as the fantasy can be kept alive."
"Samidoun: Colonial “Deal of the Century” sure to fail; time to fight back and defend Palestine":
"Of course, the show in the White House today – attended by a slew of notorious, right-wing Zionists, including billionaire political donor Sheldon Adelson, sitting in the front row after bankrolling Trump’s campaign, and genocide promoter Brooke Goldstein of the Lawfare Project, responsible for repeated frivolous lawsuits targeting professors, students and people of conscience who speak about Palestine – was also a campaign moment for its ultra-right hosts, Trump and Netanyahu. The fact that this colonial celebration was also backed by fellow Israeli politician Benjamin Gantz highlights the fact that Zionist political competition is only over how to manage the theft of Palestinian land and the taking of Palestinian lives, rather than over the nature of the state itself. Netanyahu was indicted for corruption today, while Trump is under impeachment and facing growing popular demands for real change, like Medicare for All, free public education and ending endless wars, that imperil his re-election campaign."
Another good thing - the Palestinians have no excuse now to continue the crooked charade that is the PA, they can stop policing themselves for the Khazars (the self-abasement known as 'security cooperation'), and they can start the violent resistance that is required.

Tweet (Michael Bueckert):
"As Netanyahu promises to annex all West Bank settlements within days, Canadian MPs are sipping on Apartheid wines"
The whole Bolton thing seems odd, as Bolton has built his whole career on working for Republicans and spreading Wars For The Jews.  Betraying Trump seems like a career-threatening move unless it was part of a bigger deal to put pressure on Trump to do this 'deal' now.  Will the Republican senators musing about allowing witnesses now change their minds?  Tweet (Gregg Carlstrom):
"If you want today in a tweet: The American president, now facing an impeachment trial, unveiled a proposal from his unqualified son-in-law to let Israel's caretaker government, led by an indicted prime minister, start annexing large tracts of occupied land."
This is the ultimate Clarification about what the completely Khazar-run impeachment is really about (also note how they used the legal pressure on Bibi to have Adelson speed up the process, which seemed to be wilting under its general ridiculousness).
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