Monday, January 06, 2020


"The Middle East Strategic “Balance” Shredded" (Crooke).  Crooke's the best at this sort of thing, but we're literally at the limits of traditional geopolitical strategic analysis.  You have to stand on your head and tie yourself into a pretzel to find any kind of rationality in the American decision.  Crooke only hits stability when he starts to talk about Bibi and his attempts to stay out of jail.  Bibi is fixated on Iran as the great impediment to Zionist expansion, and is trying to sell himself in Israel as the only hope to defeat Iran.  Sheldon looks after Bibi, is in a big hurry because of the cancer, and both bribes and blackmails Trump.  That's the only thing that can explain what is going on, particularly if you see Trump as genuinely interested in avoiding big wars.  You need conspiracy theory, and not traditional rational analysis, to grasp what is going on here.  The nonsense we are now hearing from Trump and his cabinet is just the usual need to consistently stay true to the horrible original decision which is definitely not a decision Trump would have made without extreme coercion.

To a large extent, Israeli issues with Iran are self-made.  Iran should be an ally, on the 'doctrine of the periphery', but Israeli aspirations for territorial expansion have created this strange situation where the only allies the mostly Sunni Palestinians have are the Shi'ites of Hezbollah, and the Shi'ites of Iran.  The entire Shi'ite crescent we keep hearing about has been created by the Wars For The Jews which Khazar billionaires have forced on America.  The most bizarre thing is that Israel wouldn't be in the dire straits it is in had the Khazar billionaires not been so successful at bribing and blackmailing American politicians.
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