Saturday, January 04, 2020


"ISIS murdered General Soleimani" (Ó Colmáin).

Tweets by Agnes Callamard, UN Special Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial Executions.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"In this report from Iraq that @RaniaKhalek wrote for @TheGrayzoneNews
back in 2017, a member of the Yazidi minority personally thanked Iraqi commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis for saving his community from genocide at the hands of ISIS The US just killed him"
We've got lots of retconning going on, from beshekeled and blackmailed politicians, and from the (((media))).  Porter, from last July:  "Lies About Iran Killing US Troops in Iraq Are a Ploy to Justify War".  Tweet (Syrian Girl):
"A photo of #soleimani hanging out with American soldiers while they all fought ISIS. So how can the Pentagon’s post assasination claims that he was killing Americans be true ? See this is why you never collaborate with the US. I hope we have all learned something today."
Tweet ((don't laugh)):
"@NPR’s new ceo & president, john lansing, was formerly chief of the broadcasting board of governors (now USAGM), the holding company for CIA disinfo outlets like radio free europe/asia, radio liberty, voice of america, and - wait for it - VOA persian."
 Tweet (Karl Sharro):
"lol, no he wasn't, I made it up in the post above and several media outlets and pundits fell for it, believing it to be true"
Speaking of the (((media))), they are hosting big discussions on air amongst bunches of Khazars, with a few MIC types sprinkled in, discussing how wonderful the assassinations were, and how WWIII will also be wonderful.  Tweet (Dave Zirin):
"Where are the Iranian voices on cable news.? Where are the peace activists? Where are the critics of US empire in the Middle East? Why only people currently or formerly on the Pentagon/state department payroll? Why in the blue hell @AriFleischer ??? No difference from 2003. None."
Tweet (David Davison):
"“I have no substantive comment, but I am deeply concerned that Donald Trump has failed to cultivate the bandwidth necessary to innovate creative win-wins along the assassination spectrum”"
Tweet (Séamus Malekafzali, what a great name!):
"Lots of propaganda posters and images of Soleimani being shared around Iranian social media right now, quality pretty wildly varying, but this one from Khamenei's office stuck out: a painting, showing Soleimani being received in Heaven."
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"AFP continues to show how it's an arm of the Western foreign policy establishment. It puts US crimes in scare quotes as if they aren't real But everyone outside the Western exceptionalist bubble knows the US is the world's biggest criminal rogue regime"
Tweet (Will Menaker):
"There’s nothing more nauseating to me than hearing from American politicians and journalists about how Iran has “destabilized” the region. All of them are lower than pigs"
"Trump administration briefed Israel on the Suleimani attack before it briefed Congress: report" (Palma).  'Briefed' means 'took orders from'.

Tweet (Tom Newton Dunn):
"I understand Boris Johnson was given no forewarning about the Soleimani strike from Donald Trump, despite significant UK interests and 1,400 military personnel in Iraq/Syria."
"Will Trump welcome the ejection of the US from Iraq? - He should." (Lang). The first inevitable consequence is the eviction of the Americans from Iraq, which will make supplying the Americans illegally squatting in eastern Syria very difficult.

Good collection of (((tweets))):  "Trump Speaks After Starting World War Jew" ('Hunter Wallace').

"The Line in the Sand" (Striker).  Striker at Unz certainly ups the wokenness of Unz.

The bitter sarcasm of Anglin: "Donald Trump’s Reelection May Hinge on His Ability to Fulfill His Campaign Promise to Start a War with Iran" and "The True Crimes of Qasem Soleimani (Abridged List)"

Some of the Clintonistas are saying 'we told you so' to Trump supporters, but Trump can still pull this out if he chooses to ignore Iranian moves, or pretends nobody knows who did them, thus avoiding WWIII. The problem is that this is immensely dangerous tightrope walking, as the Khazar-controlled (((media))) is going to do everything (((it))) can to make it seem that the US will look weak if it doesn't respond.  There's also a huge (((false flag))) danger.  The bad case of the Jews is about to put the entire world at risk.
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