Friday, January 03, 2020

Two votes up, five states down

"Trump risks a major war in an election year– why?" (Weiss).  Well, MEGA Group blackmail, obviously (Weiss isn't unaware, and his picture choice tells the story), but it is an interesting point.  Trump had a clear path to reelection.  It would have appeared to be close, and he would have again lost the vote totals by millions, but if you've got the right states, as he did, the win would be almost inevitable.  Now, he's lined himself up for a late-October Surprise.  The Iranians can easily take out a couple hundred US troops whenever they decide the time is right, just the thing to make Trump look like a dangerous choice. 

Note how Weiss fails to execute the rhetorical turn, moving from Trump running as an anti-war President, to Sheldon and Dubowitz being happy.  Those two votes, and all the shekels in the world, won't save Trump if he's seen by Americans as a real and serious danger to their personal safety, and the safety of their country.  You can now see with complete clarity just how important the Epstein operation actually was.
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