Friday, January 10, 2020

Who lusts for war?

"How to talk about Black anti-Semitism" (Smith).  It's  "the structures of racism in the United States", i.e., White people, goyim! "Fieldston School fires teacher who posted anti-Zionist tweets" (Sales).  Extremely innocuous tweet on the same problem that Weiss is always complaining about, the tendency of Khazars to hold symposia on the 'Palestinian problem' featuring panels of Khazars and nobody else.

"We “slaughtered” Jeremy Corbyn, says Israel lobbyist" (Winstanley).  The most endearing trait of Khazars everywhere and throughout time is to dance on the graves of their opponents wearing necklaces made out of the ears of their opponents.  Noticing this is 'vicious Jew hatred'.

Tweet (Daniel Dumbrill):
"Twitter banned the president of Syria and an Iranian leader. Now an Iranian & American ambassador are arguing with each other on Weibo... In Chinese. The Chinese internet has become the most uncensored environment for international political discussions. #irony"
Except there is no irony. There is no free discussion allowed in the west - because we've given 100% control over all discussion to Khazars, and their puppets - so people go elsewhere, and you have to go a long way to escape the Khazar censorship.

"Israel lobby lusts for war with Iran" (Cronin).

"The AngloZionist Empire vs Iran: a discussion of the recent events" (The Saker):
"There is such a huge asymmetry in how the parties to this conflict see “unacceptable damage” that is largely compensates for the asymmetry in force.  Yes, sure, the US+Israel are more powerful than Iran (well, not Israel really, but Israel hiding behind the back of the US forces) but Iran is far more capable of absorbing devastating attacks than either the US or Israel."
"The Strike - TTG" (after discussing the impressive last-minute guidance capabilities of the Iranian missiles, and their confidence in them; I note the Americans may have let these missiles through as part of the kayfabe of giving the Iranians a mini-win to forestall something worse):
"I was shocked that not one Iranian missile was intercepted. It appears CENTCOM did not even have a capability to intercept missiles at the Ayn al-Assad Air Base. That is military incompetence. A slew of officers should be relieved for that egregious incompetence including the CINC CENTCOM. No wonder the neocon wonder boys in the Pentagon and White House decided not to join the dance in the wee hours after the Iranian strike. Talk about scared straight."
 "European leaders to hold emergency summit to save Iran deal". The Euro-trash haven't shown the slightest hint of a backbone throughout, and now, when it is too late, decide to 'summit'.  I can guarantee you they never missed picking up their big bags of shekels.

"Canadians need answers about Flight PS752 — and Iran ought to understand why" (Wherry).  All you need to know is that Trudeau 'reached out' to the fucking Dutch crooks who ignored the truth in order to frame the Russians.

"The Facts About Iran and Terrorism by Larry C Johnson".  The sad truth is that terrorism is largely an American weapon using Sunni proxies.
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