Wednesday, May 27, 2020


"In Ukraine and the Middle East, Canada is not an “honest broker”" (  Tweet (Brazil Wire):
"Sound truck at a minor protest in São Paulo today flew the flag of Ukrainian Neonazis “Right Sector”. Members of the Brazilian extreme-right have been trained in Ukraine, as reported by the @FT in January 2017."
"A Netflix Documentary On Jeffrey Epstein Is Providing Us With More Gross Stories About Prince Andrew" (Allison).  (((They)))'ve decided to put it all on Randy Andy.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Another racist police murder in the USA, all captured on camera. Meanwhile, over at
@KenRoth's Human Rights Watch, five tweets attacking Venezuela have been published in the past 24 hours. And strangely nothing has been said about this homemade human rights crime."
Clarified enough for you?: "Facebook appoints Israeli censor to oversight board" (Nassar).

"Canada’s military reports ‘extremely troubling’ conditions in Ontario long-term-care homes" (Campion-Smith).  Both Ford and Beardboy are shocked - shocked! - to learn that there is gambling going on in the casino.  It's a wonderful industry - your profits are directly tied to human suffering.  All the owners of these facilities, and all the politicians who took their bribes, should be in jail for decades.  Putting the foxes in charge of policing the chicken coop:  tweet (Nora Loreto):
"More than 100 residents and one staff have died at the agencies owned or managed by people Doug Ford appointed to his advisory committee to look into LTC staffing, appointed last February."
"Trudeau says China ‘doesn’t seem to understand’ Canada’s judicial independence" (Connolly).  China knows what a sniveling, groveling lackey looks like.

"'Everybody will love it': A four-day work week could help rebuild Canada's economy post-COVID-19, experts say" (Lindores).  You know things are shook when The World's Worst Newspaper publishes something like this, albeit just spreading the hours into fewer days.

"The FBI, the Fusion Center, and the Far Right: US creep in Brazil" (Viana)  Inviting the FBI to operate, illegally, in Brazil.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Huge: The ex US ambassador to China admitted Chinese President Xi Jinping didn't want to militarize the South China Sea and offered a peace agreement, but the Obama admin rejected his olive branch and continued militarizing the region  
USA is the aggressor"
"Left Gatekeepers Through the New Left: Monitored Rebellion (Part 2)" (Lerro).  More content here than anything else today, probably more content than anything else so far this year.

"RAY McGOVERN: Turn Out the Lights, Russiagate is Over".  "What Evelyn Fakas, Trey Gowdy and Some Others Dubiously Have in Common" (Averko):
"Solomon is in line with the U.S. Republican Party establishment which (grudgingly or otherwise) accept Trump. For these folks, debunking the belief of a Trump-Russia collusion is a paramount interest, unlike clearing Russia of wrongdoing. This mindset rightfully ridicules Adam Schiff for saying that he has proof of a Trump-Russia collusion against Hillary Clinton, while accepting the assertion of Russian government U.S. election meddling, without any conclusive proof given."
"The Harm of the Anti-Vaccination Movement" (Miller).

The CDC, squeezed out of virus decision making for the unpardonable sin of being honest, has worked its way back into Trump's good graces by creatively lying:  "‘How Could the CDC Make That Mistake?’" (Madrigal/Meyer) (I know it's The Atlantic, normally 100% farm animal tricking, but they seem to have the data, and it is striking that the CDC is back in the game after producing Trump-friendly numbers).

"Why Barnard Castle" (Murray).

"The "Lockdown" Has Turned America Into a Despotic, Cash-Strapped Basket-Case" (Whitney).  Some of the comments are infinitely better (smarter/saner), than this now typical Whitney lunacy.  The most striking thing is that Assholia would have been much, much better off, both health-wise and economically, had Trump not listened to the hedge fund managers - you know, the ones who received much of THE LARGEST THEFT IN WORLD HISTORY - and his idiot son-in law, and shut things down two - or, preferably, four - weeks earlier.

"How Covid-19 is Creating a Social-Distancing Version of War" (Sjursen).  You really have to wonder if Trump's relative lack of bellicosity, e.g., passing up the Iran tankers to Venezuela, is forced by the fact the Pentagon is not in fighting form due to the virus.

"Mike Pompeo Is the Worst Secretary of State Ever" (Friedman)!  It seems (((they))) have decided it would be Better for the Jews for Trump to keep that Kansas Senate seat by having Pompeo run there.

"What Google and Facebook Are Hiding" (Unz).  On the most recent wave of (((censorship))), under cover of virus, and Pompeo's message-sending assassination of a Chinese diplomat in Israel.

"Apology Day" (Hornberger).

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