Sunday, May 24, 2020


"Why the Left’s Case for Lesser Evil Sounds Hollow" (Cook).

"The War Nerd: How Many Dead Yemeni Nobodies Does It Take to Equal 1 WaPo Contributor?" (Brecher).

You know:
  1. lesserevilism amongst political parties (not a problem in most places however much the locals would like their choices to be better);
  2. a professional 'journalist' having laughable problems writing about an imperial war; and
  3. the UK and USA being the world champions in promoting the success of the virus
are connected to imperialism.

The current hegemon, and former hegemon, now lackey/sidekick to the current hegemon, have an Empire to run.  The other complication is that a mini-imperialist, Israel, has its claws firmly around the neck of both through bribery/blackmail.  The Empire is Everything.  The fake 'alternative' party - which the UK is also now suffering under, both countries having cleanly removed the threat (Sanders/Corbyn) to the single-minded concentration on the imperial goal - the comical stylings of 'journalists' in both countries, and their shared complete incompetence at looking after the welfare of their own people, all these things are evidence that running an Empire requires full concentration, and can't be interrupted by party politics, facts, or the health and welfare of domestic populations.

We marvel at the consistent mediocrity of the Democrats (not to mention the obvious lying of 'journalists', and the spectacular virus problems), and the train-wreck spectacle that is Biden, made even more obvious by the fact that politics (journalism/public health) has been set up as a competitive space.  Don't they want to win?  Well, they don't.  They just want to do their bit to help out the Empire.  The only time they try to compete is when they think their guy would be better at running the Empire than the other guy, and that's been largely based on the perceived charisma of their guy - Bill Clinton, Obama - being better able to sell the Empire.  Trump's big failing is his unwillingness to start wars, particularly of course the all-important Wars For The Jews, but he can't be criticized in all the other aspects of running the Empire, were he has undeniably reached Peak Asshole.  In the Imperial Theater that is US party politics, everything is just fine (and this despite the fact in every respect China is eating their lunch, which is fine as long as the 'journalists' hide it and the public health debacle is blamed on China).

Living in the Empire isn't quite as bad as living as a victim of the Empire, but it is getting close.
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