Thursday, May 28, 2020

Terror gasoline

"A Death in Herzliya" (Giraldi).  The ridiculous deflecting defection story at the end is all the proof you need that the Americans are changing the subject away from the obvious, an assassination ordered by the out-of-control Fat Fuck.

"Confirmed: Trump Ordered Syria’s Wheat Crop Burned During Pandemic (Russian media strangely silent)" (Sahiounie).  "The US’ “Medical Terrorism” Against Syria Threatens to Make World War C Much Deadlier" (Korybko).  It why the Assholes are assholes.  Nobody else acts like this, it is practically medieval.  And you won't ever, ever, ever see the tiniest complaint about any of this from the Assholian 'left'.

"Russia, China won’t accept US nuclear superiority" (Bhadrakumar).  "U.S. Threatens New Nuclear Tests To Push China Into A Treaty It Does Not Want" (Moon).

"NATO rejects Russia’s offer to MUTUALLY freeze military drills amid Covid-19 pandemic".

Tweet (Rania Khalek):
"“Terror gasoline”?? 
Police keep killing black people in your country ON VIDEO and then gassing the people who protest. Shut up about Venezuela. You’re the ones who need humanitarian intervention."
"Media Ignores Israel Connection to Eric Schmidt’s Push for NY “Smart Cities”" (Webb).  Hymietown can't dodge the Khazar bullet that Toronto somehow managed to dodge.

"How the Rich Fled NYC (and infected America)".  What would have happened had the pandemic attacked the fly-over states first?  Almost certainly nothing, it would have been called 'the flu', and the deplorables left to die.

"U.S. Declares a Vaccine War on the World" (Purkayastha).  I'm not concerned about this as the Assholian model is so decrepit that it won't be Assholes who discover a vaccine (although, for profits, they may very well poison their own people with a fake one).  The Assholian Empire is in total free fall.

"Settler leaders produce map they claim shows Trump plan for Palestinian state" (Magid).  Once the thieves steal the next batch of land they will be 'surrounded' by the land they haven't yet stolen, obviously 'unacceptable', an 'existential threat' (you anti-Semites don't expect us to live that close to 'terrorists', do you?), and requiring the theft of that land too.  That, in a nutshell, is the story of Israel.  Khazars are, and always have been, fundamentally thieves.

"Operation ‘Addictive Candy’: How Israel Silenced a Spy Privy to One of Its Darkest Intelligence Debacles" (Greenhalgh).  (((They))) would regard this as an example of their essential humanity, as distinct from the farm animals, in that they didn't just kill him.

"Forgotten History of the Persian Corridor" (Zinin).

"Canada's progressives are easily impressed" (Mitrovica).  Ford benefited from extremely low expectations, so when he didn't come out like a Trump-style blathering idiot, and seemed to follow the science, people temporarily forgot that a lot of the pandemic problem was directly caused by Ford's cutting of services (in order to build, as conservatives do, a cache of 'savings' to be passed on as 1% tax cuts before the next election).
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