Thursday, May 07, 2020

They should all be executed

There's still hope:  tweet (Sean Davis) (needless to say, the Khazars are up in arms about this):
"According to a secret transcript that was just declassified on Monday, one of the spies the FBI deployed against George Papadopoulos said that Israelis and U.S. Jews are "all f---ing spies," referred to them as "f---ing c---suckers," and said they should all be executed."

"The Washington Post’s Neocons are Beating Cold War Drums…Again" (Goodman). Most of what Bezos hawks is made in China, so I'm not sure you should take this at face value.

"Trump Administration "Turbocharging" Efforts To Grapple Global Supply Chains From China" (Durden).  Until the election, when you'll never hear about this again.

This Deaton guy is extremely solid on the policy issues, he's like the new C. Wright Mills:  "Deaths of Despair" (Cohen interview of Deaton).  Sailer's not impressed, as Deaton doesn't use his data to back up the scientific racists:  "Deaths of Despair".

"Exclusive: OPCW chief made false claims to denigrate Douma whistleblower, documents reveal" (Maté).  This is what happens if the people at the top of an organization are all bribed scoundrels and crooks, and the people in the organization, the scientists actually doing the work, the people who joined out of a sense of wanting to do the right thing, don't follow the NATO prescribed Official Story.

"Syrian ‘regime change’ architect: William Roebuck, US Ambassador of Destruction" (Sahiounie).   A real piece of shit, and a complete failure at what he was trying to do.  The classic Asshole!

"100 years of shame: annexation of Palestine began in San Remo" (Baroud).  "The goal of Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon was to turn Jordan into Palestine, says Ehud Barack".

Are MbZ and MbS no longer BFFs?  "Yemen Ceasefire Between Houthis and Saudi-Backed Forces Takes New Turn" (Jay).  "War in Yemen Reflects War within the Arab World" (Sheikh).  This is a squabble over the part they have managed to steal, not the Houthi part, where they have gotten nowhere.  Note the talk about allowing Russia to have bases there, and MbZ's new attitude towards Iran.  You have to give MbZ credit - he's flexible and can change with changed circumstances, and doesn't fret over sunk costs, in marked contrast with hidebound MbS.

""There Is No Glory In Prevention."" (Moon).  People policing themselves has made a big difference in a sensible well-governed place like Germany, and have even made the numbers less bad in a place like Sweden, where the government basically abdicated all responsibility.

You have to read this in the proper context, that a blood-pouring-from-the-fans monster doesn't give a flying shit about the farm animals:  tweet (James Poniewozik):
"Note how it goes from killing Grandma to "make other people comfortable" in one sentence. If you can't even sustain your Modest Proposal argument for the span of a single tweet without slipping into euphemisms, maybe examine the reasons you're uncomfortable making it."
"This Year's Pulitzer Prize Award Has An Anti-Russian Infowar Agenda" (Korybko).

"Facebook's International Free Speech Oversight Board Is a Neo-Liberal Echo Chamber" (Striker).  It's very helpful when people self-identify as traitors to humanity.  There's a few obvious ringers on the list, the rest are diversity hires to hide what's really going on.

"LEE CAMP: While Pandemic Destroys So Many Lives, The Surveillance State Celebrates" (Camp).
The virus is a sideshow, the real battles lie ahead.

"Covid-19 sharply headbutts U.S. hegemony" (Cobban).  China got through the virus, and its economy continues to grow, albeit more slowly.  Assholia has managed the spectacular combo of ruining its economy while letting the virus run wild.  It all turned on commitment to the job at hand, and attention to detail, and simple competence.

It's kind of cute that the Assholes hold out any hope that their government will do the only sane thing.  "People and Jobs? Or Wealth? The Government Has To Decide Which To Prioritise, and There Is Only One Right Answer" (Murphy) versus "What Happens When You Cancel Rent, Mortgages, And Debt?" (Jarvis).
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