Friday, June 26, 2020

John Doe

"China & India Agree To "Cooling" & Disengagement Along Contested Border" (Durden).  Somebody at Foggy Bottom drew up a plan on a whiteboard to enlist Modi in blocking the New Silk Road, Modi started to escalate tensions, China slapped that down, and Modi came to his senses and decided an embarrassing loss in a war with China was not wise.  As bad as Modi is, he is not an idiot.

And here's Japan making the same wise decision:  "Japan-US alliance gets less intimate" (Bhadrakumar).  This seems like a huge development, not just financially but as defining a trend, another outbreak of sanity by a former Asshole vassal.  Consistently forced to pick sides by Assholes, everybody is picking the other side.

How long until the Assholes in Charge come to the stunningly obvious conclusion that the Fat Fuck is simply not up to the job?:  "Pompeo's UN Move Against Iran Will Fail. Why Is He Still Pressing It?" (Moon).  The answer to the specific question is, as always, shekels.

Rather quietly, everybody is abandoning Assholia.

Conspiracy theory!:  "Connecting the Dots" (Romanoff).

"Let’s fact-check Reuters: they say DNA vaccines don’t change your genetic makeup—true or false?" (Rappoport).  I'm getting the very strong impression that a lot of people are going to be dead or seriously damaged before Big Pharma is forced to stop this particular round of illegal human experimentation.

Asshole pensioners have to wait until the Khazars have lifted all the pension cash, and there is no possible recourse, before they can complain!:  "Corrupt Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Corporations to Steal from Pensioners" (Striker).  As we should all recognize by now, stopping a Khazar from stealing is The Holocaust.

"Black Man Claims He Was Shot By KKK/Proud Boys In CHAZ/CHOP" ('Hunter Wallace').  I would have thought these fat white bearded weekend warriors in camo with piles of guns might have stood out in the anarchist crowd of CHOP, but hey, let's stick with The Narrative.

"Mysterious Individual ‘Blocking Release of Docs That May Expose Epstein’s Rich & Powerful Friends’".  My bet is that 'John Doe' is either Dersh himself or an associate.  Dersh's role seems to be to generate more publicity for Epstein to keep the blackmail victims on edge.  His actions have consistently damaged the 'good reputation' which Dersh claims he is trying to protect.

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