Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Out go the lights

"Where Is Ghislane Maxwell Now?" (Bruney).  I really doubt the Rothschilds would risk hiding her - discovery would be just a little too close to the truth of the MEGA Group blackmail operation.  Almost certainly Israel, where she is reunited with Epstein (along with Atta and bin Laden).  "Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged “Little Black Book” Of Celebrity Contacts Was Leaked By Anonymous" (Allison).

"The knee-on-neck, long a staple of Israel’s occupation of Palestine"  "Israel Trains “Vast Numbers of Law Enforcement Officials” in Minneapolis" (Barrett).  "Jew York City Gives Rioters the Palestinian Treatment" (Knickerbocker).  Cartoon.  This should be extremely Clarifying, but (((nobody))) will mention it.  Throughout time and space, Khazars poison everything they touch.

"Racist Killing and Impunity" (Murray).  Palestinian lives don't matter, goyim, as they made the terrible decision not to leave the land (((we))) want to steal.

"Will Urban Uprisings Help Trump? Actually, They Could Be His Undoing." (Perlstein).  We'll have to wait for exit poles to get an idea, but the Republicans think they can manage this into a winning situation for them.  Trump 'saves the country from violence', the economy starts creaking back to life, and there is an October Surprise announcement of a vaccine (which won't work, but the victims won't start dying until after the election).  I can see a path to victory.

It appears the police has Floyd safely contained in a cop car, but he wouldn't stop mouthing off, so they decided to 'teach him some respect' with a little torture on the road.

"Minnesota prosecutor’s charges might lead to an unjustly easy sentence for George Floyd’s killer" (Tribe/Goins).  As we've seen over and over and over again, (((Tribe))) is a total fool, but this is certainly the Minnesota plan.  Our cops are tops.

More bizarre reporting from Bellingcat!:  "US Law Enforcement Are Deliberately Targeting Journalists During George Floyd Protests" (Waters).  Where's the NATO spin here?  Even as degraded a writer as emptywheel can ask a good question:  "Assaults on Free Speech and the Cities We Didn’t See" (although she's so intellectually decrepit I bet by 'white agitators' she means white nationalists, and not Antifa/agents provocateurs):
"It’d be nice to know if there is a more direct link between police brutality during protests and the appearance of white agitators."
"The Second Time as Farce: Donald Trump and James Madison and the Defense of the White House" (Cole).  I thought that turning the White House lights out - as if to indicate to protesters that nobody was home and they should go away, as if it was a bill collector at the door - was all the Assholian symbolism I need.  Tweet (Eli Stokols) (also) (also):
"It's official: the protesters were teargassed and cleared for Trump to walk to St. John's for a photo op."
"An Arrested Middle East – The ‘New Strategy for Securing the Realm’ Dissipates" (Crooke).  You'll probably see that there are all kinds of problems with this - al Qaeda is MB, the MB has long been a CIA tool, and the Soros-Gates-Pelosi vision is hardly a 'progressive' alternative to Trump.

"Susan Rice Goes Full Conspiracy Rant On CNN: 'Russians Behind Race Protest Mayhem!'" (Durden).  The VP for Biden will certainly become President. 

"Israelgate, Trump, and Russia" (Alexis).

The gift of bricks.

"US double standards on domestic riots and Hong Kong turmoil mocked on Chinese internet" (Sheng).  "Riots or Uprising? If this Turmoil were in Iran, Trump would be Cheering on Arsonists and Dreaming of Regime Change" (Ahmed).  Remember the Khazars gloating about the Covid deaths in Iran, and now the tables are turned for the Assholes?  Karma is becoming a bitch.

"Sweden's Triumph; Staying Free in a Lockdown World" (Whitney).  Whitney is now completely divorced from reality, literally insane!:  "Discredited policy of coronavirus “herd immunity” placed in stark relief" (Mateus).

"New coronavirus losing potency, top Italian doctor says" (Rothschilds).  The Khazars should learn from the virus - if you kill your host, you are not going to be a successful parasite.  The viruses that die when their host dies are going to disappear (unless, like Ebola, they are virulent in transmission strategies), and the weaker, less dangerous, mutations will carry on, as a kind of normal flu.  It's the way these things work.

"Who’s Trashing Downtown Every Night and Why?" (Rovics).  And yet there is a whole history of decades of protests, even riots, and things keep getting worse.  Why is that?  Are the infiltrators and agents provocateurs successful in their goal of changing the subject?

"China Secures Brazilian Soy As Trade War Restart Appears Imminent" (Durden).  The Chinese know where all of Trump's hot buttons are in the coming election.

Universities, hopefully some famous ones, are going to start to go out of business:  "US Lawmakers Propose Total Ban On STEM Visas For Chinese Students" (Durden).
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