Sunday, June 28, 2020


"Pew Analysis Shows Only 1 In 6 BLM Protesters Are Black" (Watson).  The plinths aren't on the road to change, they are in lieu of change.  The 1% don't give a shit about statues.  Many of (((them))), including Soros, have no emotional connection whatsoever to American history.

If you leave aside the professional 'anarchists', employees of George Soros, most of the protesters are young people who realize the billionaires have already eaten their entire future, leaving them without hope, and BLM is just a convenient excuse to rally.

I read the title and thought 'that can't be right', but it is!:  "Catholics Clean Up Jewish Vandalism In St. Louis" and "Saint Louis Protests" ('Hunter Wallace').

"Also, Defund the CEOs" (Pizzigati).  "Adjusting plan targets".  It's just theft.

No discernible motive.  "To Keep Russiagate Alive 'Officials' Make New Claims Without Providing Evidence" (Moon)  "NYT takes anti-Russian hysteria to new level with report on Russian ‘bounty’ for US troops" (Ritter).  "Trump Likely did Throw US Troops in Afghanistan under the Bus, but Why would the Russians have Targeted Them?" (Cole).  It is going to take years for the (((media))) to forgive Russia for blocking Yinon in Syria.

"The Korean War Atrocities No One Wants to Talk About" (Bovard).  Goes off the rails when it repeats the nonsense about the 'Saudi' hijackers, but another good example of how Assholia is particularly evil, and how the system, assisted by the (((media))), works to cover it up.

"Human Nature: An Oppressive Construct" (Dreher).
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