Saturday, June 27, 2020

Terrible and trying

"The End of Engel" (Arria).  "The Fall of Eliot Engel: Israel-Firster Defeated in Congressional Primary" (Giraldi).  Engel is like the monster in a medieval fairy tale, a character of Pure Evil.  It is almost impossible to believe he's gone.  Maybe there can be improvement in Assholia . . .

"Why Iran Won’t be Broken" (Escobar).

Joke of the day:  "Trudeau rejects calls to release Meng Wanzhou" (background here and here):
""I respect these distinguished Canadians who put forward that letter but I deeply disagree with them," Trudeau told reporters Thursday. "They're wrong in their approach."
Trudeau said he is sympathetic to the plight of Spavor and Kovrig — he called it a "terrible and trying situation" — but he said Canada can't let China get away with this sort of hostage diplomacy.
Trudeau says that if Meng is exchanged for Spavor and Kovrig, "no Canadian will be safe"
He said countries shouldn't be allowed to snatch Canadians to get what they want from Ottawa.
"The reality is releasing Meng Wanzhou to resolve a short-term problem would endanger thousands of Canadians who travel to China and around the world by letting countries know that a government can have political influence over Canada by randomly arresting Canadians," Trudeau said.
Trudeau said his government is firmly committed to the rule of law and Meng's case will be handled by our justice system.
"We need to continue to be absolutely crystal clear that Canada has an independent judiciary and those processes will unfold independently of any political pressure, including by foreign governments," Trudeau said. "We deplore what China did.""
Countries shouldn't be allowed to snatch Canadians to get what they want from Ottawa, but he can add to his shekel collection by snatching foreign nationals, under direct and specific orders from officials of another foreign country, in order to appease that country and advance the utterly illegal foreign extension of its laws in the shekel- and blackmail-driven undeclared war on Iran?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . .  Trudeau, and Canada, haven't a leg to stand on here, but sadly, corrupt Canadian judges may do the wrong thing anyway.  That's an all-star list of Canadian dignitaries urging sanity and the respect for international law, so Beardboy must be getting a shitload of shekels for this.

"Why didn't Black Lives Matter protests spread COVID-19? Because everyone else stayed home, study suggests" (Thomson).  The net effect was positive because people scared of the protests stayed home, meaning fewer people were out and about!  Scary black people are going to save us all!

"BuzzFeed "Reporter" Who Got Zerohedge Banned On Twitter, Fired For Plagiarism" (Durden).  Plagiarism, unlike pedophilia, is sometimes occasionally once in a blue moon a firing offense in the (((media))).

"Four For Friday - Where Is He?" (CDaN).  On the Maxwell family.  Comments are surprisingly woke to the JQ.
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