Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Threaten the patients

It's pretty funny, the Eurotrash are actually collecting bribes from both sides, pro-theft from the 'American' Khazars, and anti-theft (or rather, theft at another time), from Globo-homo-Rothschild-o:  tweet (ISM Palestine):
"More than 1,000 lawmakers from 25 European countries have signed a statement opposing any unilateral Israeli annexation of the West Bank."
You have to remember, when you see any apparent opposition to Khazar theft plans, it is either 1) the result of inter-Khazar squabbling over the timing and manner of whatever killing and theft is planned, or 2) a method of the bribe recipients to hold out a bit to increase the amount of the bribes. Bribery, and blackmail, fully explain everything.  Together they are the necessary and sufficient explanation for all things related to the Khleptomaniacs.

Doxxing as a method of policing wrongthink has moved from the 'woke' to the JTY.  "Anonymous Psychiatrist Deletes Rationalist Blog After NY Times Threatens Doxing" "Scott Alexander Self-Cancels His Blog Under Threat of Being Doxed by the NYT" (Sailer):
"In reality, nobody is interested in coronavirus anymore. Instead, The Mob wants the blood of the open-minded.
This NYT staffer is a white man of apparently only moderately woke views, the kind of liberal most in danger from The Mob. I don’t know this, but he may have thought that getting Scott canceled for crimethink could save his job, for awhile. People are doing pretty desperate things these days to save their careers.
In general, don’t trust reporters’ spin of what slant their upcoming article about you is going to take when they are trying to wheedle you into cooperating with it."
Note that they succeeded in forcing him out of thinking bad thoughts, or hosting comments with bad thoughts, by effectively threatening the mental health of the author's patients, a new high point in the storied history of the JYT!

"Israel may start annexing Palestine in just a week — but the ‘NY Times’ is barely reporting the story" (North).  This is one of the keys to understanding that the big theft is going to occur.  We're in the usual Khazar PR campaign, which consists of either ignoring the issue, or issuing broad hints that it is not going to happen due to inter-Khazar squabbling, or even issues with ZOG having second thoughts.  This happens every, single, time, and is intended to have the farm animals let their guard own.  Suddenly, the theft is announced, and it's FACTS ON THE GROUND, goyim.  Nothing can be done about it.

"The Totalitarianism Is Strong in This One" (Sailer):
"A couple of decades ago we had a utopian system on the Internet in which nobody monopolized crucial chokepoints on public debate. Who thought it was a good idea for a handful of rich people like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and Wojcicki get vast power over free speech?"
This is good until it devolves into Anglin's usual facile misogyny:  "Twitter has Become Unusable".  All of these companies need to be expropriated - with no compensation, as all the value in them has been donated by the participants - and rolled into non-profit organizations with citizen boards of directors.

"Gay rumors come back to haunt Lindsey Graham during a tough re-election campaign" (Weisberg).

Another Epstein story:  "Hollywood Producer Steve Bing Has Died By Apparent Suicide" (Mieka).  Since the Mossad likes to throw people off tall buildings, I wouldn't be so quick to label any death around Epstein as a suicide.

"Ron Jeremy Charged With the Sexual Assault of 4 Women" (Shelbourne):
"The U.S. Sun reported that, in a 2018 statement, Jeremy said, “All serious allegations have been investigated by police and dismissed by judges … If you were going to be around Ron Jeremy, wouldn’t you assume that I’d be a little bit touchy-feely?”"
This appears to be the origins of the cover story to explain Soros' campaign of violence against the American people, part of a bigger campaign against Trump, as being caused by 'white supremacists':  "The Boogaloo: Extremists’ New Slang Term for A Coming Civil War" (ADL).  One big thing we should have learned about Khazars is that they are always well prepared in getting their PR ducks in a row well ahead of time.  Bellingcat then picked this up just before the riots started.

Ha ha ha!:  "The ADL’s “Task Force on Middle East Minorities”: A Con Job?" (Gagrule).

AOC shrugged off her primary challenge.

CDaN on OJ and the Mob (two links in comments, including the always excellent Constantine):
"#1 - This Housewife "friend" was the person offered up by a Los Angeles mobster back in the day when he needed someone for a threesome. She would do anything for him because he provided her coke for free and she was a huge addict
#2 - One of the best friends of the "friend" in #1 also participated in threesomes when needed and also had a massive coke addiction. This best friend is someone all of you know.
#3 - Both #1 and #2 were introduced to the mobster/hitman in #1 because a relative of #2 was hooking up with him too.
#4 - This A list reality star from a reality family hooked up with a man, who two nights later was with some other women when he was murdered by the mobster in #1."

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