Thursday, July 09, 2020


You 'anti-Semites' can't accuse us of stealing what we've already stolen!:  "On Israel’s Bizarre Definitions: The West Bank is Already Annexed" (Baroud).  Note the thick layers of lawfare.  If you have trouble accepting their bizarre rationalizations of mass thievery, they will attribute it to either Jew-hatred, or the general intellectual slowness of farm animals, and will be happy to aggressively jewsplain it to you.

"I’m Black and Afraid of ‘White Fragility’" (Simmons). Assholes can turn everything into a self-help book, making even political issues entirely about themselves.  How they feel.  The book is so popular as it represents the emotional appropriation of the issue.  It's more colonization.  Racism can't be fixed by the Assholian ethos of self improvement, as it is not an individual issue.

"YouTube censors video about daily life for Palestinians" (If Americans Knew).  I can't remember when we all voted to allow the biggest group of khleptomaniacs in the world to have complete control over the information we have access to, including information on the extent and nature of their never ceasing thefts, but it must have happened, for we couldn't possibly be so stupid to allow such a thing to occur, could we?

"Freedom Rider: The police defunding con game" (Kimberley).  'Defunding' is the liberal trick to avoid doing the single thing that would fix most of the problems - to fix more, you'd have to introduce the professional standards and regulation which politicians don't want to do - end the War On Drugs and decriminalize all drug possession.  The War On Drugs funds the gangs which create the ridiculously high murder rates which causes the unease which allows police to continue to grab more public resources, while conducting the social control measures over the underclasses hidden behind the guise of fighting 'crime'.  The crime problem won't go away with defunding, and the 1% will then be happy to sell you some private security, if you can afford it.

"Police, Prisons, and the Pentagon: Defunding America’s Wars at Home and Abroad" (Hartung).  The seamless richness of Assholia - from Wars For The Jews, to Baseworld, to the use of police violence for social control, to the Prison-Industrial Complex, each part backing up the sheer Evil of the other parts, symbiotically working together to produce the worst fucking mess of a country imaginable.

"How the Pentagon failed to sell Afghan government’s bunk ‘Bountygate’ story to US intelligence agencies" (Porter).  "CENTCOM Chief Is Latest To Deny NY Times Russian Bounties "Bombshell"" (Durden).

"The Complicated Orbit of Jeffrey Epstein" (Metcalf).  (((Bloomberg)))'s not going to mention the elephant in the room, the Mossad.

"Prince Andrew's Cousin Says Ghislaine Maxwell Has "Secret Video" Of Him" (Watson).  I don't believe Maxwell would actually release any information, as released compromising material loses its value.  She has obviously shown up, now, to upset the entire Assholian political class, and taking such a risk - she could easily be killed by somebody on Ol' Kil's speed dial - is intended to dislodge whatever the problem is with respect to the key theft for Khazars now in play, the annexation.  She's still got the old crooked plea agreement to rely on, so she doesn't need more leverage.
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