Sunday, July 12, 2020

Cruella de Vil

Weiss:  'white supremacists sound like white supremacists':  "Liberal Zionists use arguments — ‘There is no equality between us and the Palestinians’ — that echo white nationalists".

At least her cat is safe:  "‘I’m no Cruella de Vil’: Ghislaine Maxwell insists she is not an ‘evil villain’, had not seen Jeffrey Epstein in 15 years, did not introduce Prince Andrew to him and is being moved from cell to cell in prison for her safety" (Graham).

One thing about Assholia, as bad as things are, they will certainly continue to get worse.  "“Pinning Down Putin” Biden, the Democrats and the Next War" (Leupp).  "The U.S. Doesn’t Need Another Cold War to Improve Itself" (Larison).

"‘Most Jordanians see annexation as a declaration of war’ –a view from Amman" (Senfft).  "Israel Annexation Plan: Jordan’s Existential Threat" (Badarin).

"Jews Demand “Holocaust Education in Every School in the World”" (Frei).  STEM is going to be completely replaced by the only thing you need to know, goyim, H!

"Michael Cohen Taken Back Into Custody After Being Seen At New York Restaurant" (Turley).
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