Saturday, July 11, 2020

In the pool for sure

"Democracy and the Illusion of Choice" (Urie).  Amongst many other things, note the Democrats as virulent anti-environmentalists.

"Pizzagate" (Smithee).  Some of the wording in these emails must be code for something, maybe just a private joke, but given what we know about how blackmail is systematically used by Khazars to control politicians, you have to wonder.

Can you even begin to imagine the uproar if somebody had pained 'Free Gaza' on a kosher restaurant?:  "Toronto leaders silent on JDL attacks on pro-Palestinian restaurant" (Engler).  We're so fucking Jewed up . . .

"Police chiefs call on Ottawa to decriminalize possession of illicit drugs for personal use" (Zimonjic).  This is something that might have already happened were it not for the vile Asshole influence.

"MP Pledge to Oppose Israeli Annexations".  No Conservatives, only four Liberals.  This is no doubt a big money maker for those members who are beneath contempt. Shekels for compliant goyim!

"U.S. & UK intensify campaign against Russia; UK harks back to first pillar of new Cold War, the Magnitsky hoax" (Komisar).  "Bill Browder, a Billionaire Accused of Being a Fraud and Liar" (Ryan).

This Iran-China deal, which seems to have been signed some time ago, appears to be a really big deal, with Iran the keystone of the Chinese reconfiguration of the world (you have to marvel at the sheer magnitude of the incompetence of the Assholes, of course, in this case, led to destruction of empire solely due to shekel bribery and blackmail!):  "How Trump lost Iran to China: 25-Year ‘Lion-Dragon Deal’ makes Iran part of One Belt, One Road" (Cole).  "US should know ‘Resistance’ now controls all of West Asia: Naqqash".  "Trump Reaps The Whirlwind With China/Iran Mega Deal" (Luongo).

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Peak liberal imperialism. A "journalist" (who had a friendly meeting with Nazi Richard Spencer) complains about white men dominating imperial propaganda website Foreign Policy, but has no problem with it being hosted by the embassy of Qatar, a monarchy with modern-day slavery"
Tweet (Joe Emersberger):
"Is it “cancel culture” when you complain about journalist being given a “platform” to talk about his arrest on transparently bogus charges in Washington DC?"
"Four first hand reports from Real World, Covid19 edition. They do not fit any narrative very well."  Some comments get into the issue that mask wearing becomes an insufficient substitute for lockdown, with disastrous consequences.

On Uber.

Some abandoned tax scamming/astroturfing:  "Dan Snyder Started a Foundation to Support Native Americans. Has It Abandoned Its Mission?" (Vrentas/Rosenberg).  Peak Haim!
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