Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Pinochet-level problems

"Prince Andrew agonising over whether to condemn Ghislaine Maxwell, says source" (Mendick):
"Prince Andrew has hired a team of lawyers led by Gary Bloxsome, a partner at Blackfords law firm, working alongside Clare Montgomery QC, who is widely regarded as Britain's leading expert on extradition law. 
Her clients have included former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who successfully resisted extradition to Spain 20 years ago."
"Sergio Moro’s Catch 22: Miami or the Presidency" (Mier).  Will the crook who got the first crook installed take over for the first crook when the first crook is just too crooked, or dead, to carry on?

"Stephen Jackson defends DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic posts, blasts Eagles" (Fischer):
"It was unclear whether DeSean Jackson will be disciplined for his actions. [Eagles owner] Lurie was born to Jewish parents, but does not practice the religion, while GM Howie Roseman is Jewish."
No so unclear:  "Report: Desean Jackson Meets With Rabbi, Commits to Educating Himself" (Gwinn).

Farrakhan is definitely my favorite American.

"A Brief Compendium of Nonsense About Putin" (Armstrong).

"Right-Wing Media Outlets Duped by a Middle East Propaganda Campaign" (Rawnsley).  Absurdly easy.

"Settlers trespass on Palestinian land to build a pool for their children" (Al-Bazz).  The Khazar motto: 'what's yours is mine'.  "Why are you angry? It’s just a pool for our children."  The quintessence of being a Khazar is not the kleptomania, it is the assumption that no farm animal could possibly object to the kleptomania.

The Soros 'activism' is giving Americans a real education in what has been happening in the retarded world of 'liberal arts':  "Is Unschooling the Way to Decolonize Education?" (Panne).  See also tweets by Matt Walsh.  And Taibbi:  "Matt Taibbi On "White Fragility"":
"It takes a special kind of ignorant for an author to choose an example that illustrates the mathematical opposite of one’s intended point, but this isn’t uncommon in White Fragility, which may be the dumbest book ever written. It makes The Art of the Deal read like Anna Karenina."
Teh Stupid pops up out of academia from time to time, but not for long, and will be mostly gone by November, leaving just a few plinths in its wake.

"Finally: A Way Out of this Mess!" (Farruggio).  The tax suggestion is too light - we need to tax them at a rate that they cannot accumulate so much wealth that they can control politicians.
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