Thursday, July 09, 2020

Pot stirring

"Judgement Day for Ghislaine Maxwell Finally Arrives. or Maybe Not" (Giraldi).

Again, the only possible conclusion for why she put herself, completely unnecessarily (Barr would have been prepared to pretend to look for her until Trump was out of office, and she had plenty of safe places to hide), in the hands of American officials is that she is there to stir the American political pot, and make everybody very nervous, and the only conceivable reason for this extra stirring has to be something out of the ordinary, as Adelson and President Jared completely control Trump and give Bibi everything he could possibly want short of nuking Tehran.  The mysterious blockage of the annexation is the only possible issue which requires an American shake-up.  So we'll see lots of stories about Maxwell in the (((media))) until this mysterious blockage is resolved.

Even though Maxwell is obviously Mossad, an actual agent rather than just an asset, and the Mossad nominally works for Bibi, who is pretty much beholden to Adelson and the other 'American' Khazars, you'd think her motives would be to assist in the current big theft, but I note that part of the mysterious blockage seems to turn on the opposition of Globo-homo-Rothschild-o, the historical self-proclaimed guardian of the Jews, to the timing and nature of this particular theft, and the Mossad itself may have conflicting loyalties.  What I see are three inexplicable mysteries:

  1. why did she unnecessarily put herself in harm's way (she's got the original plea agreement to protect here from legal problems, and a friendly Khazar judge will no doubt be found to finesse any difficulties, but she is still at serious risk of assassination on behalf of some nervous Lolita Express/Orgy Island aficionado; if he's actually dead, Epstein made the same mistake, thinking the legal papers were all he needed)?;
  2. what is the actual nature of the blockage of the annexation (this is extremely bizarre, given what we know about the Khleptos)?; and
  3. what is the actual state of play between the 'American' Khazars and Globo-homo-Rothschild-o?
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