Saturday, July 11, 2020

Rains of frogs

Oh, no!:  "Israel lobby’s Kenneth Marcus resigns as Trump’s civil rights enforcer" (Barrows-Friedman).  Goodbye, Newman!  I have to note that Marcus used to be a dead ringer for Wayne Knight, and now looks different. It is the end of an era for lovers of lawfare and the ridiculous stranglehold of Khazars over the American government (not that the ridiculous stranglehold is coming to any kind of end, and he will quickly be replaced by another champion farm animal herder, but nobody could do the job with the same amount of contagious glee as Newman).

"On Foreign Policy, Biden Is Worse Than Trump" (Rall).  Creepy Joe is just the more neurologically impaired version of Ol' Kil (isn't Assholian politics grand? - you're not going to have to fret about de-statueing any of these clowns, as nobody would ever consider putting them up), and Assholes are soon going to realize that the bullet that they dodged with Trump beating her has just been delayed.  It was Trump's unique saving grace that he had a problem with foreign entanglements.

"Travel Restrictions on Americans Erode a Sense of Passport Privilege" (Specia).  I like Assholia as a name - extremely appropriate for a nation filled to the brim with the worst assholes anyone has ever seen - but Cootiestan would also be appropriate.  Metaphors abound during periods of Imperial Decline.  I expect we'll soon see rains of frogs!

Details of the old trick of misuse of 'terrorism' labels for political purposes, and a pattern of siding with the professional 'anarchists':  "Trove of Leaked FBI, Fusion Center and DHS Documents Provide Insight Into Antifa, Charlottesville, Political Bias, and the Erosion of Civil Liberties" (Striker).

"How The FBI “Toppled Presidents” In Brazil".  So the FBI appoints itself as some kind of Brazilian anti-corruption task force, and uses the fines it collects to help fund the Bolsonaro coup.  And Assholes wonder why everybody hates them!

"Bolivia’s Struggle to Restore Democracy after OAS Instigated Coup" (Mills/Clark-Gollub/Duarte).  "NYT Acknowledges Coup in Bolivia—While Shirking Blame for Its Supporting Role" (Escalante).  The big problem with the coups is that the coup plotters can't hold elections, ever, as they know they will lose, and badly.

A solid - and weird - example of deep OPCW corruption:  "Wirecard executive Jan Marsalek touted Russian nerve gas documents" (Murphy/McCrum/Warrell ).

This is pretty good:  "Cold War with China and the Thucydides Trap: a Conversation with Richard Falk" (Falcone).

The, um, 'men' strike back (isn't it fun that most of the trans stuff just boils down to extreme anti-feminism?):  "Another Letter: the Canceled Had It Coming, Good and Hard, Especially That Transphobic Harry Potter Lady" (Sailer):
"I can remember ever hearing of only 4 of these folks: Karen Attiah, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Noah Berlatsky, and Ashley Feinberg, and only in comic circumstances. This is not a list of talented people."
Escobar, of course, on the Iran-China deal:  "Iran and China Turbo-Charge the New Silk Roads".  The US could have done this deal, but, you know, Khazars, MEGA Group blackmail operations, Epstein, Maxwell, pedo politicians, so let's throw away the Empire and side with the little shitstain called, for now, Israel.

Contrast constructive behavior by Assholes and their boss, the shitstain:  "Iran explosions: Did Israel and the US just start a cyber war?" (Ritter).  I thought it was old fashioned aerial bombardment.

The shitstain is poison:  "Mohammed bin Zayed's mission impossible" (Hearst).
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