Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Tastemakers

Sometimes the corruption is so spectacular it takes your breath away:  "Nursing Home Owners Get a Free Pass on Pandemic Accountability".

The feds don't do a celebrity arrest without a full video production, so where's the Ghislaine one?  Answer - there isn't one as she turned herself in.  That's not going to stop Barr from making shit up.  "New Court Filing: Ghislaine Maxwell 'Fled' Across House During Raid; FBI Found Tin Foil-Wrapped Cell Phone" (Durden).  It's hilarious they added the detail about surveillance expert Ghislaine wrapping her phone in tin foil!

"Sovereignty plan talks frozen, PM won't take steps without US" (Rosenberg).  "Forging Greater Israel: The Annexation of Palestine isn’t one Event, it is Ongoing" (Loewenstein).  (((They))) are using the time while Ghislaine softens up the Assholes to conduct a pile of mini-thefts.  Khleptomaniacs!

In particular, watch for (((them))) to steal but ignore the quid pro quo of recognizing any kind of Palestinian 'state'.

"The Tastemakers" (Rothman).  "Judge Alison Nathan: Media not allowed to view Ghislaine Maxwell’s July 14th court date –  Reuters".  To 'optimize video quality', goyim.

Things have gotten so bad in Assholia that Trump may be reduced to relying on sanity in order to be reelected:  "Putin has a dream to reset the world order" (Bhadrakumar).  Don't fret, Assholes, (((they))) will make sure it never happens.
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