Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Gosztola Day Seven.  Goetz and Ellsberg.

"Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 10" (Murray).  The defence is establishing everything it wants.  Shame about the 'judge' and the fix being already in.

"US attempting to block Spanish investigation into CIA spying on Assange" (Grenfell).

"Abraham Accords: The War Pact Among Jim Crow States of the Middle East" (Cole).  "How a British policeman helped normalise torture in a Gulf monarchy" ('Andullah').  Perfect 'peace' partner for Khazaria.

"Trump Vs The Military-Industrial-Complex: Coup Concerns Escalate" (Ehret).  Some recent coups and coup attempts.

"Troubled Times at The Intercept" (Reichard).  Starts out well but then devolves into the usual recent CounterPunch Russiagate drivel.

Only 11% know the truth.  It's fucking outrageous:  "Nearly two-thirds of US young adults unaware 6m Jews killed in the Holocaust" (Sherwood).

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