Friday, September 11, 2020

A concept that doesn’t exist

"Julian Assange, political prisoner by Mumia Abu-Jamal".

"NYT: America's 180 Most Powerful Persons of Color Include A Lot Of White Spaniards" (Sailer) (on the vagarities of being a PoC in Assholia, and the Invisible People in power):
"On the other hand, while being obsessive about tracking down Hispanic ethnicity among the 922 Most Powerful Americans, the Times has no interest — zero, nada — in counting Jewish ethnicity among the most powerful. Counting powerful white people is proof of the concept of White Privilege, but since Jewish Privilege is not a concept, why would anyone want to look for or against evidence for a concept that doesn’t exist?"
Those who like/light fires in cities might like/light fires in the countryside: "Biggest Fires in American History: Is It Antifa Arson? Is the Media Covering It Up?" (Anglin).

Plan B Kh:  "Rep. Brad Sherman calls on pro-Israel groups to help him take control of the House Foreign Affairs Committee" (Arria).

In another example of our lyin' eyes, the Dems are explicitly calling Biden's obviously advanced dementia a 'conspiracy theory':  "Voters can’t see if Biden is senile until the debates in US-style democracy" (Mazaheri).

Bunch of crooks:  "Mueller's 'Angry Democrats' Scrubbed Cell Phones After Russia Investigation" (Durden).  Note all the steps required to commit these 'accidents'.

"The Current Impasse in Belarus and the Peace Alternative" (Harris).  In many ways similar to Libya under Gaddafi.  Do the people of Belarus want a fate like that of Libya?
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