Friday, September 11, 2020


"How Can the Deep State’s Antifa Organization Be Stopped?" (Flores).  Very woke.  Except there is no will to do anything about it.

"Trump’s diplomatic coup with Serbia and Kosovo curdles quickly" (Ofir) (forensic analysis explaining how Serbia was tricked into this ridiculous position, a Trick For The Jews) (my emphasis in red):
"It turns out, that although the three parties at the White House signing ceremony appeared to be signing a mutual agreement, they were actually signing three different documents.

The difference between the documents signed by Serbia and Kosovo are in the last point in the agreement document (which fills less than two A4 pages), and it relates to Israel. On the Serbian version, it says:
“Serbia (Belgrade) agrees to open a commercial office, and a ministry of state offices, in Jerusalem on September 20, 2020 and move its embassy to Jerusalem by July 1st 2021”.
On the Kosovo version it says:
“Kosovo [Pristina] and Israel agree to mutually recognize each other”.
And what was Trump signing? Pressed by journalists to reveal this point, Trump’s Serbia-Kosovo envoy Rick Grenell said at a press conference:
“He signed a… how would you describe it? a… basically a letter acknowledging that they are going to work together and do this… agreement.”
Grenell tried to downplay the discrepancy between the Serbian and Kosovar documents, saying that they are “99.9%” identical. But the documents contain only 16 points. To be precise, the documents are 6.25% different. And that difference is not a minor difference – it relates to diplomatic relations with a foreign country, and even implies explicit breach of international law and UNSC resolutions in the Serbian case (although the embassy move to Jerusalem was not written in in the Kosovo case, it was immediately confirmed by both Israel and Kosovo as meaning that).

This is outrageous. It’s not as if both parties could not have gotten the same text mentioning what was agreed with the other party. The point right before the last makes such a distinctive dual description, to wit: “Kosovo [Pristina] will agree to implement a one-year moratorium seeking new membership into International Organizations”, and “Serbia [Belgrade] will agree to a one-year moratorium of its de-recognition campaign”.

One is thus led to believe, that there was an underhanded move by the US – that the US knew that there would be a bone of contention concerning that last point on Israel and thus it blindsided both parties to it, so the signing would not be delayed and the mess could be worked out later. 
This basically suggests that this was primarily a photo-op for Donald Trump, once again. The document is very vague, and even contains silly mistakes at the very top, where point 1 repeats itself in point 2. It’s clearly an amateurish document prepared in haste. And the devil is in the details. The last point is not a mere 0.1% discrepancy – it appears to be the point of it all – Israel. We must remember that for Trump’s main donor, Sheldon Adelson, Israel is the issue."
"It bears mentioning that there was even some doubt as to whether Vučić was actually aware of the final pont in the document. When Trump said that Serbia has agreed to move its embassy to Jerusalem in July, Vučić’s reaction, which has widely circulated on social media, appears to be puzzled and alarmed: he looks through the document at that point, as if seeking more pages, turns back towards an aide, then face-palms himself, quickly turning that movement into a smoothing of his hair. 
Vučić vehemently denied that he was unaware of the content of the document. He stressed that he reviewed every letter of it (a 3-minute read). I doubt that Vučić was unaware of it. Was he just trying to catch attention? We may never know."
I wonder which of the ritual foods of Rosh Hashanah symbolizes the joyous celebration of the Khazars at the collapse of the twin towers:  tweet (Whitney Webb):
"Reason #467 why you should never believe anything Paul Krugman says"
Tweet (Karras):
"Just a friendly reminder so far we've had 63.3 9/11s worth of people killed by covid in the US so far and I guarantee you no one is gonna build those people a memorial."
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