Saturday, September 05, 2020

Destroy public order

"Germany, Not Russia, Should Answer Questions Over Navalny Case".  "Novichok and Nonsense: From a post-factual to a post-logic world" (Doctorow).  Lebensraum!:  "German imperialism and the strange case of Alexei Navalny" (Schwarz):
"Nothing said about the Navalny case by the media or politicians can be taken at face value. The hypocrisy of the alleged concern over his fate is impossible to overstate.

After the murder of the Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, and the Slovakian investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancé, there was no talk of sanctions, even though strong evidence pointed to the involvement of powerful circles within the government and big business. Both countries are members of the EU and NATO. 
Just this week, the Slovakian businessman Marian Kocner was acquitted by a court of Kuciak’s murder, even though several witnesses identified him as having ordered the journalist’s assassination. The Saudi regime was never confronted with the threat of sanctions after it ordered the murder and dismemberment of oppositional journalist Jamal Khashoggi in its embassy in Istanbul."
Why would Germany allow itself to fall into this ridiculous (on the face of it) NATO trap, risking its energy security all so the Cold War Clowns (lovers of Wars For The Jews including, hopefully, WWIII) can get another shot at Putin?  It reminds me of the 'own goal' scored by Canada when it allowed Assholian officials to micromanage Canadian border security with respect to the Canadian government's kidnapping of Meng Wanzhou.  I wish people weren't so consistently fucking stupid.

"Take That, Trump: A Study Finds That Peaceful Protesters Have Rioted Fewer Than 617 Times in Not Quite 220 Cities!" (Sailer).  Sailer is never going to tire of the 'peaceful' protests.

"Israel’s Friends at the RNC: “Christian Zionists” Dictate the Agenda of the Republican Party" (Baroud).  "Biden 'removed condemnation of Israeli occupation of Palestine' from campaign platform: report".

"Sheldon Adelson set to buy US Ambassador's Herzliya home" (Shalev/Schneider):
"Exclusive: US billionaire Sheldon Adelson is in advanced talks to buy the US Ambassador to Israel's residence in Herzliya Pituah north of Tel Aviv for about NIS 300 million, sources inform "Globes." This would be the most ever paid for a home in Israel.
For the past three weeks, senior US officials in Israel have known that the deal is close to being signed. The US administration is eager to fast track the deal so that it is completed before the US Presidential elections in November to emphasize that the transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a 'fait accompli.'
In other words any new US administration would not be able to relocate a new US Ambassador to Israel back to live in Herzliya Pituah so that he could serve his country from the former US Embassy to Israel in Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Street. The current US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman works and lives in the Jerusalem region and does not use the Herzliya property."
Kafka-level nuts:  "The Zyprexa Papers: A Legal System for Drug Companies and Lawyers…Not the Public" (Levine).  Judges and prosecutors shouldn't allow themselves to be used as part of a larger cover-up of wrongdoing by permanently hiding documentation from potential future plaintiffs, which is all that these settlements tend to be.

"How the Sacklers Shifted $10.8 Billion of Their Opioid Fortune" (Vickers).  Bankruptcy courts exist just to stop these kind of shenanigans.

"Trudeau Government’s Interference in Venezuela on Behalf of Trump: Venezuela’s Foreign Minister" (August).  "Canada’s Regime Change Efforts in Nicaragua Rife with Hypocrisy" (Engler).  "US Intervention in Nicaragua. Washington’s Stated Intent to “Destroy Public Order” and Engage in “Violent Actions”: Brian Willson".  Just awful!

"What The UAE-Israel Deal Really Means For The Middle East" (Watkins):
"A key part of this joint intelligence initiative between the UAE and Israel (and, by extension, the U.S.) has been the dramatic increase in the past two years of the purchase of commercial and adjunct residential properties in Iran’s southern Khuzestan province – a key sector for its oil and gas reserves – by UAE-registered businesses, particularly those based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, said the source. “Around 500,000 Iranians left Iran around the time of the [1979 Islamic] Revolution and settled in Dubai, in the first instance, and then Abu Dhabi, and they have never been in favour of the IRGC having the key role in Iran, so some of them have been used to front businesses or commercial property developments in Khuzestan that are being funded from business registered in those two states of the UAE,” he added. 
“However, these apparently Abu Dhabi and Dubai businesses are actually being funded from a major Israeli property company that in turn is funded from a Israel-U.S. operation specifically set up for this project, with a budget of US$2.19 billion,” he told “These businesses, and the additional property acquisitions for the individuals working for these business in Khuzestan, mean that not only is the native Iranian population being diluted by non-Iranian Arabs [although broadly Persian in demographic terms, indigenous Arabs make up around two per cent of Iran’s population] but also the opportunity for on-the-ground intelligence gathering has been dramatically enhanced,” he underlined. “Basically, Israel is doing through the UAE presence in southern Iran exactly what Iran has been doing to Israel through its presence in Lebanon and Syria.” "
"UAE Deal Boosts Israeli Oil Pipeline Secretly Built With Iran" (Ferziger):
"The loser will be Egypt, which will see business siphoned off and have less control over prices now that there is competition. Even as it makes new friends in the Gulf, the Israeli company needs to be careful about biting too deeply into the revenue sources of Egypt, the first Arab state to make peace with Israel in 1979, and one of the poorest. “I don’t think it will make the Egyptians happy,” says Sievers, the former ambassador."
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"There have been 49 massacres of activists in Colombia so far in 2020.  
Social movements warn, "We are living in the most profound ethical, political, social, economic crisis in the last 30 years of the neoliberal project run by the corrupt elites in power""
"Western ‘experts’ predicted Covid-19 would lead to Russia's economic collapse & ‘topple’ Putin...they were wrong (again!)" (Robinson).

"USA’s Plans for a Global Conflict" (Danilov).  "US Seeks Formal Alliance Similar to NATO with India, Japan and Australia" (Deleney).
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