Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Did its job

"Treason" (Whitney) (also).  This is the formal teeth of Soros, part of his color revolution against the American people, and makes his otherwise seemingly counterproductive - at least, for Biden - promotion of mass rioting seem to be part of a bigger, semi-coherent plan.  It is a shame to see Wilkerson is a traitor.  Brooks is Deep, Deep Swamp (though the daughter of Barbara Ehrenreich!).  She was Counselor to Michèle Flournoy during the Barry years, and Flournoy is almost certainly going to be appointed Secretary of Wars For The Jews during the Harris Administration.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"When the pro-war Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee in July joined with Liz Cheney and her warmonger-GOP faction to block WH troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, they constantly cited the Russia bounty story to justify it. So this did its job:"
Your next leader, Assholia!: tweet (Juanita Broaddrick) (the replies point out it has been edited, but still . . . ):
"This is Biden on The View unable you form coherent sentences. Look at the ladies reaction. Priceless."
At the very least, any voter for Biden is really voting for a backroom collection of ((('donors'))) who will call all the shots.

"People worry that 'moderate' Democrats like Joe Biden are the same as Republicans. Our study suggests they may be right" (Singer/Rockenbach).

"Venezuela Arrests ‘CIA Spy’ on Oil Refinery ‘Stakeout’" (Dobson) (also).  The Fat Fuck keeps trying, and it is difficult to escape the idea that some atrocity against the people of Venezuela is part of Trump's reelection plan for Florida votes.

"One American Wrote Most of Scots Wikipedia. And They Got It All Wrong." (Mason)!  Not speaking the language did not deter him from trying!
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