Saturday, September 19, 2020


"Supreme Court Fight Exposes Bipartisan Hypocrisy" (Moon).  "Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death" (Welsh).  A bit unfair to Ginsberg, who is often described as 'selfish' for not standing down when a Democrat could appoint her replacement.  Remember 'demographics'?  At the time Barry summoned her, the Dems were working on the assumption that there would never be a Republican President, ever again.  As far as Ginsberg was concerned, she had lots of time, as President Clinton or some other Democrat would be picking her replacement.  Everybody knew Barry, being Barry, would pick a horrible centrist, and why settle for that when you can get somebody more to the left?  Her decision to stay was rational, based on the horribly flawed assumptions all Democrats were making (and still make).

Did you know Canada has 'conservative; and 'liberal' Supreme Court judges too, and somehow they get appointed with almost no drama?
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