Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Even one screw

Smoked salmon with green beans and pineapple on an aioli sauce?  Seriously?  I'm wretching from here.  It's The Holocaust Special.  Painting the name of a genocide site on the plane along with the word 'Peace' is intentional.

"Facebook Hires an Israeli Censor" (Giraldi).  We're not getting anywhere until the concept of 'anti-Semitism' is de-perverted and applied only to hatred of actual Semites, and not to well-deserved skepticism of Khleptomaniacs posing as Semites in order to justify mass murder and theft. 

"There’s a Problem with the Belarus Protest Movement: Svetlana Tikhanovskaya" (Ross).  She seems to be a place-holder for whoever the Assholes really want.

"The UAE-Israel accord is a victory for Temple Mount extremists" (Seidemann).  A superb example of how the Khazars operate.  Down the road we'll see legal cases in which the change in wording becomes part of Lawfare arguments.  They keep chipping away with small changes that nobody is supposed to think important, which suddenly become vitally important in the ratcheting theft and murder process of the Jews.

Biden does one good thing in his fifty or sixty years in politics, gets crucified for it, requiring emergency Khazar revisionism:  "Biden forces try to debunk story that he threatened to cut aid to Israel over settlements– 38 years ago" (Weiss).

I've been saying all along that Trump is a normal Assholian President, in fact, probably the most normal American President ever, and the main objection to him is aesthetic.  He's a boor, and Assholes are embarrassed to be represented by him.  The reason for this is that he doesn't take the trouble to hide just how Evil the whole country actually is, and always has been.  He's the picture in The Picture of Dorian Gray.  There's value in that - facing your demons is the only way to improve.  Now it appears that American polling may be influenced by the boorishness, in that Americans are telling pollsters that they will vote for Biden, while simultaneously saying they think Trump will win, signalling they are lying to pollsters about the Biden choice because they are ashamed to admit they are actually going to vote for Trump.
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