Monday, September 14, 2020

Hack narrative

"Dark Web Voter Database Report Casts New Doubts on Russian Election Hack Narrative" (Porter).  Not the Russian government, but hackers looking for data to sell.

"Maintaining Pretence Over Reality: ‘Simply Put, the Iranians Outfoxed the U.S. Defence Systems’" (Crooke).  More white elephants as targets for asymmetric warfare.  Iran remains blessed by the stupidity of its enemies.

"Reconsidering the Presidential Election" (The Saker):
"The US of 2020 in so many ways reminds me of Russia in February 1917: the ruling classes were drunk on their ideological dogmas and never realized that the revolution they so much wanted would end up killing most of them. This is exactly what the US ruling classes are doing: they are acting like a parasite who cannot understand that by killing its host it will also kill itself. The likes of Pelosi very much remind me of Kerensky, the man who first destroyed the 1000 year old Russian monarchy and who then proceeded to replace it with kind of totally dysfunctional “masonic democracy” which only lasted 8 months until the Bolsheviks finally seized power and restored law and order (albeit in a viciously ruthless manner)."
"Gullible Trump was manipulated by Netanyahu’s Deep Fake Video of Mahmoud Abbas to Cut off Palestinians" (Cole).  "Iran considering plot to assassinate US ambassador to South Africa is Bullshit" (Salam).

"The CIA Book Publishing Operations" (Price).

"Declaring Elections Illegitimate - By Rejecting To Send Observers" (Moon).  The weaponization of elections where the Fat Fuck doesn't like the winner keeps getting worse and worse.
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