Sunday, September 20, 2020

Hiding due to illness

"Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg’s Death and Trump’s Emerging “Legal” Coup d’Etat. Unprecedented Political Crisis." (Rasmus).  Rasmus is one of the best writers out there, but this is complete nonsense.  The Republicans doing what they are constitutionally permitted to do is not a 'coup'.  On the other hand, Democrats are musing out loud about shutting the country down if the votes don't go their way.  That's a 'coup'.  The whole system is set up to be a disaster - a fixed day on which the issue is supposed to be decided,  with centuries of expectations and understandings, with a mail voting system added on which has been set up so the votes by mail can't possibly be counted on time, and a big expected discrepancy between the results of in-person voting and mail-in voting.  This is asking for trouble.  A court of any stripe might very well consider the instability caused by the uncertainty of piles of votes sitting around, uncounted.

I'm still quite taken with the growing parallels between the Clinton and Biden campaigns.  Both candidates ended up as nominees solely because it was their 'turn', but both suffer from debilitating health problems, Clinton with her neurology, and Biden with late-state Alzheimer's (no arguing, it's obvious, and what more appropriate President of Assholia than someone whose brain doesn't work!).  Both with seemingly huge, insurmountable leads over Trump - Biden's lead disturbingly less strong, particularly as Trump can probably be credited with at least 100,000 excess Asssholian deaths, and the consequent complete economic collapse, which you would think might count for something.  The big leads allow Biden and Clinton to fail to properly campaign.  In each case, the lack of campaigning is required by the illness (the main concern of campaign strategists is to hide the illness from voters), but the candidates fall back on the excuse they are going to win easily anyway.  The problems are grounded in the inability of the Democrats to pick a viable, functioning, candidate.
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