Tuesday, September 08, 2020

House of the Heads

"Did the navy accidentally fire a missile causing the explosion of the House of the Heads?" (crime-solver at r/UnsolvedMysteries).

The beginning of the Cold War, which has never really stopped since then:  "75 Years ago today, Soviet cipher clerk Igor Gouzenko defected with briefcase of top secret documents that detailed Soviet espionage against the west - essentially initiating the cold war. He lived at 511 Somerset Street (across from Dundonal Park) at the time." (sirharryflashman at r/Ottawa).  "Igor Gouzenko: The Anniversary of his Defection".

Gosztola thread on day 2 of the Show Trial.  Note the Judge, who has been ignoring Assange as much as possible, threatens to throw him out of court when he correctly says 'this is nonsense'.  With all the 'technical difficulties', you'd think the Brits had never held a trial before.

Tweet (Mark Curtis):
"The UK's 650 MPs have asked *one* written question in parliament about Julian Assange *this year*."
"Hypocrisy Thy Name Is Zion" (Giraldi).  Particularly sweet when you realize the Court Jews like Dersh don't mince words in calling BLM 'anti-Semitic'.
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