Friday, September 18, 2020


"Bolivian interim President Anez withdraws from election race".  "Bolivia: Interim President Añez Withdraws from October Elections".  This is a little encouraging as it seems that the coup plotters are treating the election seriously, which isn't to say they wouldn't organize a new coup when they lose.  "Coups and Neo-Coups in Latin America" (Paz y Miño).

"Search for new director of U of T law faculty’s International Human Rights Program leads to resignations, allegations of interference" (Paradkar).  'Interference' is code for shekels!  Are there more corrupt people in the universe than university officials?  No, goyim, no there are not.  I wonder who the ((('sitting judge'/'major donor'))) is?  The Star could tell us, but presumably has (((reasons))) for omitting the key fact.  Also, what's with the ridiculous picture?

Gosztola has been doing such a good job at reporting that the CIA found a way to exclude him from the courtroom (the Brits have already done a bang-up job at establishing technical incompetence at running the court, so it is easy to fit this in as another bungle).  Somehow, Richard Medhurst got in.

"Putin Critic Navalny Releases "Evidence" Of Novichok Poisoning" (Durden).  The false-flag would have been easier with a swapped and planted bottle of water, than with a coup of tea, which raises logistical difficulties.  It might also explain why nobody else was in contact with the poison.  Still, I suspect there was no 'attack', and NATO-influenced Germans are lying.  One reason for extreme skepticism is that this supposedly deadly poison seems to have a hell of a time killing people.  Another is the conveniently shifting stories in response to criticism of implausibilities in earlier tales, which we also saw in the Skripal fiasco.

"Russia demands answers from Washington on whether the US is facilitating terrorist attacks in Crimea, after NBC report".  Bountygate backfires!

"How China is Unwinding the US’ Middle East Supremacy" (Sheikh).  No drama, just buy a lot of Iranian and Iraqi oil and let everything fall into place.
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