Tuesday, September 29, 2020

More Than Bibi's Laundromat

"Iran Oil Shipments Reach Year-Long High In September, Defying US Sanctions".

"Seth Rich: The Murder Washington Doesn't Want Solved" (Cashill).  All gummed up with law suits.

We're in the era of Empire-lackeys illegally granting universal application to American laws:  "Meng Wanzhou appears in court to argue U.S. misled Canada in extradition case" (Proctor). Gosztola.  "Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 18" and "Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 19" (Murray).  Even when they have a bad day, or a witness who gets beaten up by the usual thuggish cross-examination of the CIA, the defence is still scoring huge wins every day, and in a fair trial would have already won.  Unfortunately, this is a show trial.

One of Assange's biggest problems throughout, which has coast him dearly, is an inability to understand just how Evil Khazars are:  "Exclusive: Spanish judge seeks Sheldon Adelson security chief in Assange spying case" (Blumenthal).  The Spanish court is very woke, and the Assholian government, of course, runs interference for Sheldon.  It's hard to tell if the CIA is a branch office of Sheldon's casino security, or vice versa.

"Trump Confirms U.S. Is Israel’s “Protector”" (Giraldi).  The fact he hasn't paid taxes for quite a while is a hint that Trump really does need those shekels.  Assholia, More Than Bibi's Laundromat.

"Julian Assange: Press Shows Little Interest in Media ‘Trial of Century’" (MacLeod).

Ha!:  "EXCLUSIVE: UK government probing cyber-attack over Syria propaganda leaks" (Cobain).  'Russian hacking' is the lemonade the British intelligence/PR institutions are trying to make of the lemons that it was revealed they spent so much effort and money making lying, warmongering, anti-Syrian propaganda.

Macron barely got selected as Chief Rothschild Janissary for France, only with a lot of jiggery-pokery, but apparently he was also appointed Presidents of Lebanon and Belarus.

"Renewed Azerbaijan/Armenia conflict a new threat to Russia's delicate balancing act with key player Turkey" (Robinson).  "A new message resounds in the Arab world: Get Ankara" (Hearst) (solid reasoning here).  "Arab League’s Secretary-General says he is “sad” about intra-Palestinian reconciliation" (note the agreement was concluded in Istanbul)..

Tweet (Yasha Levine):
"The Intercept began as a progressive-journo-washing project for Pierre Omidyar, a rapacious tech oligarch. That's how it began, and it is still doing that job very well.
@MarkAmesExiled and I took massive amounts of shit for pointing that out."
Superb, succinct response by Moon:
"The Intercept began as a part of the NSA project to regain control over Snowden files. Omidyar was repaid over Cloud computing contracts. 
That was its only real purpose ever since."
Greenwald is a mad dog counter-attacking anyone who has the nerve to raise the smallest complaint against him, but I suspect he'll stay well away from this kind of too-close-to-home discussion.

"U.S. Temperature Rising: The Creaking Electoral Machinery May Crack" (Crooke).  The only thing I can say is that in every other case where the Democrats threaten to have a backbone, including this very judicial appointment (already!), they have folded up like a cheap suitcase.

The new hobby is getting a strong magnet and using it to pick up items off the floors of bodies of water.  How many murder weapons will they find?
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