Monday, September 07, 2020

Mostly peaceful

Tweet (Maxim A. Suchkov):
"What’s wrong with this picture of #Serbia's President Aleksandar Vučić visit to
@WhiteHouse & how it triggered scandal in #Russia-Serbia relations
"White House Kosovo meeting: crossing the Atlantic, for this?" (Vögelin).  Note the completely irrelevant Zionist additions.

Yet again! "Top pro-Israel lawyer faked vandalism attack at Scots home in plot to frame Palestine group" (McGivern).  "Exposed: another fake anti-Semitic plot to defame prominent pro-Palestinian group".  Obviously, he should be immediately disbarred, but the bigger solution, as the Khazars just won't quit with this shit, is to completely ignore, or better still, laugh at, any and all allegations of 'anti-Semitism', a term which doesn't even apply to the Khleptos.

On the CIA's Assange show trial.  "EDITORIAL: A Trial Begins in London":
"In a serious proceeding, Assange would have been allowed access to his attorneys to prepare his case. But the British prison system has not allowed this in the weeks leading up to today. Assange was given a read-only computer whose keys were glued shut, and when he happened to get a legal document, it was confiscated from him, at the time he was stripped search and handcuffed 11 times before a hearing in February."
Tweeting from the court by Kevin Gosztola (also Stefan Simanowitz).  Tweet (Norsk PEN):
"We have been denied access to monitoring the #AssangeCase through remote access. Judge Baraitser denying human rights NGOs to observe the trial. No warning or explanation before revoking. #AssangeCase #FreeAssange #FreeJulianAssange"
I note that the CIA asset/'judge' continues to behave like she's never been in a courtroom before.

Tweet (Matt Kennard):
"Guardian admits its reporters L. Harding, S. Kirchgaessner, and D. Collyns gave a “misleading impression to readers” and breached paper’s code in one of infamous series of fake news stories about Assange from 2018 which helped put him in Belmarsh.  
There will be no repercussions."
Textbook example of the (((media))) in action: "How the Portland Riots Are Spun as Peaceful Protests" (Sailer).  Every year dictionaries pick a 'word of the year', and 'mostly peaceful' is my pick.

Unbelievable lack of self-awareness amongst the Dems!:  tweet (Pete Buttigieg):
"If you're used to voting Republican, years from now your grandkids will ask what you did in this moment and you will have to tell them if you were a 'John McCain Republican' or 'Donald Trump Republican.'  
You can't be both. The choice is yours."
If you are a tricky and corrupt character, and are in the public eye, it is a good idea to keep the professional liars we jokingly call 'journalists' on retainer:  "Journalism’s Gates keepers" (Schwab).

From 2015, the mysterious death of Michael Collins Piper.
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