Wednesday, September 09, 2020

My God, that’s illegal.

Still righteously correct, and all by herself!:  tweet (Tulsi Gabbard):
"Charges against @Snowden should be dropped or he should be pardoned. Likewise the Trump Admin should drop its efforts to charge & extradite Julian Assange. Failure to do so is a threat to the freedom & civil liberties of every American (especially journalists and publishers)."
Speaking of Barry and the Nobel Peace Prize: "The Plot Against Libya" (Draitser).

"Trump and Israel are only Winners of Serbia-Kosovo “Historic” Deal, As EU warns over Jerusalem" (Micovik).  Except for, I have to assume, the ubiquitous shekel bribes for its politicians, I can't for the life of me figure out what Serbia gets out of this 'deal'.

"John Brennan’s CIA Trump Task Force by Larry C Johnson":
"While chatting in late October 2019 with a retired CIA colleague, he dropped a bombshell–he had learned that John Brennan set up a Trump Task Force at CIA in early 2016. One of my retired buddy’s friends, who was still on duty with the CIA in 2016, recounted how he was approached discreetly and invited to work on a Task Force focused on then Presidential candidate Donald Trump. The Task Force members were handpicked instead of following the normal procedure of posting the job. Instead of opening the job to all eligible CIA personnel, only a select group of people were invited specifically to join up. Not everyone accepted the invitation, and that could be a problem for John Brennan
A “Task Force” normally is a short term creation comprised of operations officers (i.e., guys and gals who carry out espionage activities overseas) and intelligence analysts. The purpose of such a group is to ensure all relevant intelligence capabilities are brought to bear on the problem at hand. I am not talking about an informal group of disgruntled Democrats working at the CIA who got together like a book club to grouse and complain about the brash real estate guy from New York. It was a specially designed covert action to try to destroy Donald Trump."
"So what did John Brennan do? My friends said that a Trump Task Force was running in early 2016 and may have started as early as the summer of 2015. Recruitment to Task Force included case officers (i.e., men and women who recruit and handle spies overseas), analysts and admin personnel were recruited. Not everyone invited accepted the offer. But many did.

But this was not a CIA only operation. Personnel from the FBI also were assigned to the Task Force. We have some clues that Christopher Steele’s FBi handler, Michael Gaeta, may have been detailed to the Trump Task Force (see here).

So what kind of things would this Task Force do? The case officers would work with foreign intelligence services such as MI-6, the Italians, the Ukrainians and the Australians on identifying intelligence collection priorities. Task Force members could task NSA to do targeted collection. They also would have the ability to engage in covert action, such as targeting George Papadopoulos. Joseph Mifsud may be able to shed light on the CIA officers who met with him, briefed on operational objectives regarding Papadopoulos and helped arrange monitored meetings. Was the honey pot (i.e., the attractive woman) named Azra Turk, who met with George Papadopoulos, part of the CIA Trump Task Force?

The Task Force also could carry out other covert actions, such as information operations. A nice sounding euphemism for propaganda, and computer network operations. There has been some informed speculation that Guccifer 2.0 was a creation of this Task Force.

In light of what we have learned about the alleged CIA whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, there should be a serious investigation to determine if he was a part of this Task Force or, at minimum, reporting to them. 
When I described this development last November to one friend, a retired CIA Chief of Station, his first response was, “My God, that’s illegal.” We then reminisced about another illegal operation carried out under the auspices of the CIA Central American Task Force back in the 1980s. That became known to Americans as the Iran Contra scandal."
"Israel is cited often in Senate report as link to Russian interference (but our media ignore connection)" (Weiss): 
"Quick show of hands. How many of you have heard of Guccifer 2.0? Good– all of you. Guccifer was of course the on-line identity of the hackers allegedly connected to Russian intelligence who shared emails from the Democratic National Committee with Wikileaks during the 2016 presidential campaign, embarrassing Hillary Clinton.
Now, how many of you know that Guccifer 2.0’s phone was registered in Israel? Wait– I don’t see any hands!"
A hint that this was a pro-NATO intelligence agency coup in Germany: "The Navalny Case: Merkel vs. German Deep State" (South Front):
"The Russian government clearly miscalculated in allowing Navalny to go to Germany, expecting that Angela Merkel still had sufficient political pull to override her hawkish entourage and force a transparent investigation that would reveal the nature of Navalny’s illness. The more appropriate course of action would have been to keep Navalny in Omsk and invite German doctors to perform analyses of Navalny’s blood samples right there in Omsk, where there was no danger of chain-of-custody violation by third parties determined to plant evidence pointing at Npvichok. 
But what is even more worrisome is that Western intelligence services, apparently after being burned by the inept staging of the Douma false flag, have found an almost surefire way to stage “Novichok” false flags. From now on literally every loss of consciousness by a prominent figure can be transformed into an international scandal, as long as there is a compliant NATO biochemical warfare laboratory willing to deliver the required diagnosis, without ever having to reveal how it reached that conclusion. We should expect this tactic will be used many times in the future."
Literally everything in Assholia has been crapified: "ACLU Official Attacks University For Admitting Nick Sandmann While Professor Promises To Monitor His Conduct" (Turley).  What possible argument could the ACLU have for throwing its weight around here?  "Matriculated Sandmann" (Ratburger).

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