Thursday, September 03, 2020


The 'novichok' is just another PR stunt to try to block the pipeline:  "Merkel Pressed To Sabotage Critical Russian Gas Pipeline In Retaliation For Navalny "Poisoning"" (Durden).  "Pressure for Germany to Cancel NordStream After Idiotic Navalny Poisoning Hoax" (Anglin).

"Navalny case a serious problem for Kremlin: International spotlight means Russia has to transparently investigate & find answers" (Robinson).  I like Robinson's analysis typically, but this is terrible advice.  Since this is a Assholian Imperial PR stunt, nothing Russia will say or do will change the (((media))) campaign.  Pretending there is a case to meet when the allegation is, on its face, ridiculous - why was nobody else poisoned?,  why didn't Navalny die?, of all poisons available, why pick the infamous poison that has already been labeled in the West as a Russian favorite? what's Russia's motive?,  why allow him to be treated in a semi-friendly foreign country if you have something to hide?, etc.- is just playing into their hands.

"Russia: Germany has provided no proof of Navalny poisoning" (Litvinova/Rising).
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