Saturday, September 05, 2020


"Do Black people get shot by police just to win elections for Democrats?" (Mazaheri):
". . . when Trump can make a fair claim to be the most conscientious civil servant on the job, how well-functioning can your country be?"
"Don’t Be a Palooka, Joe" (Van Buren).  The Dems are obsessing about Trump not conceding in order to set up Biden's not conceding.  This is combined with a clear conspiracy to label Trump 'fascist', even by those who should know better, and as historically incoherent as that may be, to emphasize the idea that the country cannot tolerate a Trump reelection, which means anything can be done to block it.

Trump as salesman: "The Trump Era Sucks and Needs to Be Over" (Taibbi).

"Don't Steal This Book" (Taibbi):
"There are a lot of reasons this book has gained attention in the last week, from public radio promoting riots in the middle of wide-scale urban unrest, to the preposterous premise of a white middle-class author promoting “controlled arson” as a way to strike blows against “whiteness,” to its hilarious hypocrisy — as the Atlantic’s Graeme Wood points out, the book contains one of the great copyright notices in the history of publishing, considering the context:
The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this book without permission is a theft of the author’s intellectual property. If you would like permission to use material from the book (other than for review purposes), please contact Thank you for your support of the author’s rights."
"We’re repeatedly told stealing hurts the patriarchy and confronts whiteness — “a revolutionary movement must reduce the value of whiteness to zero,” the white author writes. There’s a long chapter denouncing the “organization-ist tendency” of labor movements, which leads to “reformism,” which of course is a stalking horse for counterrevolution. “The more ‘organized’ a movement is,” Osterweil complains, “the less likely there is looting.” So we need more looting, but what comes after looting? Organization? Nope:
The power of the attack on white settler society is seen instead in the broad lawlessness, property destruction, looting, and cop-free zones produced by the riot and is reflected in the attendant sense of freedom, unity, and radical safety felt by the rioters.
Sign me up for some of that “Radical Safety”! CHOP Zone, here I come!

There’s a great short story by Mikhail Saltykov called “How a Muzhik Fed Two Officials.” It’s about two nitwit clerks from St. Petersburg who wake up on a deserted island and realize they don’t know how to feed themselves. They think and think and discuss eating their gloves, boots, and even each other, until finally it hits them: if they were back home, they’d just have a servant do it! They immediately find a sleeping muzhik and after berating him for laziness, get him to collect fruit and fish and partridges and cook them dinner — problem solved! This is nearly the same mentality as these Gen-Z geniuses who think the world will run on magic intersectionality dust once they get rid of the cops and the kulaks, i.e. all those meddlesome “work for a living” people.

About that: the book expresses zero compassion for those who do not see themselves as involved in politics and are just trying to get by. In her NPR interview Osterweil repeats the common left-Twitter trope that looting “is not actually hurting any people” because “most stores are insured; it's just hurting insurance companies on some level,” which simply isn’t true. Not every business is insured for this kind of damage, and even if they are, line employees and business owners alike will lose weeks or months of income while claims are paid and repairs are made, if claims are paid and repairs are made.

She clearly has no idea what it is to work, to spend years squeaking out the shitty little margins of a corner store or a restaurant, to hose a kitchen floor down at two in the morning, or wash the puke out of the back of a taxi at the end of a shift. Abbie Hoffman at least told readers to leave big tips for waitresses, if you’re going to rip off restaurants. To Osterweil, everyone’s a kulak. She says Korean store owners were “the face of capital” in early nineties Los Angeles, just as, she says, Jewish businesses were in sixties New York. When she talks about who suffers in riots, she writes:
Though the buildings destroyed may be located in a predominantly Black or proletarian neighborhood, the losses go to the white, bourgeois building and business owners, rarely the people who live near them.
Rarely! She goes on to cite anthropologist Neal Keating in comparing looting to “the potlatch, a communal practice of Indigenous nations in the Pacific Northwest,” in which “wealthy people” at births, deaths, weddings, and other festivals give possessions away and “vie with each other to destroy the most accumulated wealth in a massive bonfire.” 
The minor distinguishing detail of the potlatch being a voluntary surrender of wealth was not considered relevant enough to mention, an interesting detail given how touchy this sort of person tends to be with boundaries in other situations. All sorts of people now have to take responsibility for the mere possibility of, say, a student being fleetingly discomfited by a word or image in a novel or history book, but apparently we don’t have to worry about making someone sad by burning their house down and throwing their shit on the street to be gobbled up by strangers, an act of “communal cohesion.”"
"Never Trump. Never Biden. the Progressive Case for Voting Third Party or Boycotting the Election" (Rall).  Trump still has value as a Clarifier, even doing some real, albeit minimal, good, and you get to skip WWIII!

"US foreign policy elite wants Biden & detests Trump because President failed to launch new NATO missions" (Szamuely).

It's a lot more serious than the (((media))) will tell you, but still short of WWIII:  "US-Russia tensions flare up on multiple fronts" (Bhadrakumar).

"Moron Patrol: Boogaloo Boys Entrapped by Feds in Plot to Aid Hamas" (Anglin).  Hamas!  Peak Khazar!  More shekels for the CI!

Twitter thread by Elizabeth Goitein on the post-Carter-Page FISA criminality of the Department of Justice.  Nothing has changed.

Saudi-sponsored terrorism in China:  "The Biggest Lie About China's Xinjiang "Internment Camps"" (Cartalucci).  "China no longer interested in expensive Saudi oil: Report".

This is what real 'civil rights' looks like, goyim:  "For renowned legal scholar, Israeli democracy meant Jewish dominance" (Greenstein).

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Just heard Amb Michael McFaul equate Navalny—former co-organizer of annual skinhead "Russkii March"—with Gandhi, MLK, Mandela. Amb McFaul also leads a NATO org that fights "Russian disinformation." We're in funnyland folks."
"Focus: Fears Grow over China’s Possible Massive Sales of U.S. Debt as Weapon" (Tachikawa).  "The Quiet Imperialism" (Lee).

Serious loony bin stuff right here:  "Here’s how Canada could take on China" (Nuttall).

"24 Hours Later, Who Has Reported That Biden Is Hotep-Pilled on the Light Bulb Question?" (Sailer).  Joe is at least entertainingly senile.

Mostly dead:  "Max Nordau: the Portland Shooter's Arrest Was Mostly Peaceful" (Sailer).
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