Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Protection racket for votes

Trump's peculiar advantage is that he is obviously enjoying himself:  "Take to the Streets" (Street).  Biden, like Dole or Killary, is running on the basis that it is 'his turn', which is no fun at all.  On the other hand, Street calling Trump a 'fascist' is just dumb, current-CounterPunch-level dumb.

"Oh Shit: Joe Biden Himself Comes Out and Says Donald Trump Caused BLM and Antifa Riots (Anglin):
"Obviously, according to the Democrats of last week, Donald Trump would have been a hero for fomenting black and communist violence, because the violence was good. But the polls changed. People have settled into the “new normal” of the virus hoax, and now they’re reflecting on decisions they made while under lockdown duress, and they’re realizing that they actually don’t really like it when violent mobs burn down cities. So they flipped it.

After we published our article on Monday, the leader of the Democrat Party, Joe Biden, came out and said the same thing that all of them had been saying: Donald Trump is encouraging Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters to commit acts of ridiculous violence by being against them.

The basic claim he makes is that because Donald Trump is president, he is responsible for all of the riots. They keep saying “this is Donald Trump’s America,” implying that he manipulated black people and communists into committing all of this violence. It’s even more outrageous than that Democrat Senator claiming that Trump is purposefully trying to murder his own supporters with the coronavirus."
"Backtracking and changing the narrative from “the riots are great” to “the riots are terrible and Donald Trump’s fault” happened so fast you could get whiplash trying to follow it. The first time I saw them say anything negative about the riots was when Don Lemon said it on Wednesday.

The change was purely a result of polling. The Democrats thought they could keep the white guilt train rolling all the way to November, and that operation was botched. At some point, people say, “okay, fine, I’m a racist, okay? Sure. I’m a racist who is tired of living in constant fear of violence. Just make it stop. 
All of this information coming out is probably also trickling down to some of these normies. For example, the George Floyd videos. And the fact that 81% of blacks want the same or more cops in their neighborhood."
Apparently the Democrats can't stop Soros from funding the violence, so Biden takes the straightforward Soros line that everything that happens in the country is entirely the fault of the sitting President, even if  he is blocked by Democrats from helping.  The original line was to be that whatever Trump did was a 'fascist' overreaction - remember the Clintonista sites wailing about the Trump 'death squads', like something out of 1970s South America? - with the problem being that Trump's death squads really didn't do anything (they picked up a few obvious trouble makers off the streets, only to release everybody a few hours later).  The bigger problem is that color revolutions don't work any more, and haven't worked since Ukraine, when Soros snipers were shocking enough that they could plausibly be blamed on the existing government, which itself was so disorganized that it wasn't sure if it did it or not (we now know it didn't), and thus couldn't handle the accompanying PR blitz.

"Biden: You Gotta Nice Country Here, Americans. It Would be a Shame if Something Happened to It" (Sailer).  The threat is that the riots, violence and arson will continue after November unless you vote Democrat.  I don't think this will be lost on non-partisan voters, and it is an express admission of who is behind the problem, and why.  What Soros is up to is properly called 'fascism'.
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