Monday, September 07, 2020

Show trial

Summary of today's sucking up to the CIA:  "Judge Railroads Assange as Legal Team Objects to Fresh Extradition Request" (Gosztola).  The judge isn't even pretending to be fair, and seems to want to impress on her CIA handlers how much she is prepared to do for them.  Tweet (Richard Medhurst):
"In case the irony was lost on anyone: Judge Baraitser sees no problem with the US introducing an indictment a year after the deadline, yet a request by #Assange's defense to adjourn for 4 months (during which Julian would suffer most) it's "you had your chance". Kangaroo court."
It appears the CIA wants to get their hands on him before the Assholian election, although, if anything, the New Democrats are more into the National Security State than Republicans are.

Tweet (Srećko Horvat):
"Show trial in Stalin's USSR or Johnson's UK?
- no contact with lawyers for 6 months
- journalists can't hear proceedings
- locked behind a glass box
- in solitary confinement at Belmarsh
- facing sentence of 175 years in US
What did he do? 
Reveal war crimes. 
The context is covering up for unspeakable acts of Evil done by Assholes: "‘Collateral Murder’
Post Script" (Wypijewski).

"As British Judge Made Rulings Against Julian Assange, Her Husband Was Involved with Right-wing Lobby Group Briefing Against WikiLeaks Founder" (Kennard/Curtis).
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