Monday, September 14, 2020

Stress position

"High Crimes Against Journalism and Decency: Jeffrey Goldberg's Insane 'Trump Called Troops Suckers' Piece Is a New Low" (Rall).  Back with a twin:  "Alexander Vindman: Trump Is Putin’s ‘Useful Idiot’" (concentration camp guard).  I have to say we all owe Shifty a real debt of gratitude for parading all those Russiaphobic State Department worthies spewing literally insane bullshit during the impeachment, hoping to lead to WWIII, as it demonstrated just how bad things really are.  What the people running Assholia truly believe is completely unbelievable!  If the concentration camp guard keeps up the pace of supremacist lying Americans are going to feel like Palestinian prisoners by the time the election rolls around.  Goldberg is just the latest 'stress position'.

"Election Reporting" (Robinson).  Another incident to throw in the 'Putin/Russia is doomed' filing cabinet.

"Trump and the Gordian Knot, Year Three" (Armstrong):
"German-American relations provide an observation point. There are four demands the Trump Administration makes of its allies – Huawei, Iran, Nord Stream 2 and defence spending – and all four converge on Germany. Germany is one of the most important American allies; it is probably the second-most important NATO member; it is the economic engine of the European Union. Should it truly defy Washington on these issues, there would be fundamental damage to the U.S. imperium. (And, if George Friedman is correct in stating that preventing a Germany-Russia coalition is the “primordial interest” of the USA, the damage could be greater still.) And yet that is what we are looking at: on several issues Berlin is defying Washington."
"And so we can see that the Trump Administration is stamping around the room, smashing the furniture, brusquely ordering its allies to do as they’re told or else. One could hardly find a better exponent of this in-your-face style than “we lied, we cheated, we stole” Mike Pompeo. If your object were to outrage allies so much that they quit themselves, he’s ideal. Washington’s demands, stripped of the highfalutin accompanying rhetoric of freedom, are: join its sanctions against China and Iran; buy its gas; buy its weapons; if not, risk being declared “adversaries” in a sanctions war. Germany is defiant on Huawei, Iran, Nord Stream and weaponry; much of Europe is as well and Berlin’s example will have much effect on the others."
Thread by Michael Dougan on the Brexit adventures of Boris.  Unify Ireland (some kind of loose federal state), put Eire+ in the EU, and the problem disappears.

The Fat Fuck fired the Assholian Ambassador to China for being too good at his job:  "Terry Branstad Unexpectedly Quits As US Ambassador To Beijing" (Durden).

Gosztola Day Five.  The legal perils of over-caffeination.

"PLO: Normalisation prepares for formation of military alliances led by Israel".  Bahrain isn't really a country, just a vassal of Saudi Arabia, so having Bahrain sign on to President Kushner's supremacist bandwagon is just a way for the Saudis to participate in the Khazar love-fest without being seen by the 'street' to have betrayed the Palestinians.
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