Sunday, September 27, 2020

Suffering requirement

Leak or Russiagate intelligence operation?:  "The BuzzFeed Russiagate agenda" (Komisar).  Taibbi.

"Trump adviser falsely accuses Ocasio-Cortez of anti-Semitism" (Brown).  Seems to have backfired!

Hero to the Clintonistas, violent hypocritical racist supremacist, a true monster, in real life:  "Ruth Bader Ginsburg… If only she had supported equal rights for everyone" (Weir/Shihadah).

Tweets on Doordash by Cory Doctorow.

Politely setting up WWIII:  "On Russia, Joe Biden’s mouth is writing checks the US can’t afford to cash" (Ritter).

"New Ambassador Attracts the Usual Enemies: Doug Macgregor Feels the Wrath of the Jewish Lobby" (Giraldi):
"Macgregor sees no national security justification for the continued presence of U.S. troops in Syria and he has also argued that the United States has no compelling national interest to remain in Iraq. He believes that NATO is no longer useful and that the United States should not be defending a prosperous Europe from a Russia that poses no real threat, a view shared by many all across the political spectrum both in the U.S. and Europe.

Macgregor has also observed correctly that an expansionistic Turkey rather than Iran poses the real threat to stability in the Middle East and he doubts whether Iran wants to attack anyone. He has described political ex-General David Petraeus as a “useful fool” who serves as a mouthpiece for pro-war politicians and the media and has criticized the Clinton Administration’s intervention against Serbian forces during the Kosovo War in the 1990s to “put, essentially, a Muslim drug mafia in charge of that country. These people have never been our friends. They aren’t ever going to be our friends. They are incurably hostile. I’m talking about the Sunni Islamists.” He has likewise condemned the Obama overthrow of the Libyan government, turning a prosperous and stable nation into a terrorist haunted hellhole. 
Macgregor will be tasked with restoring the balance in the German-American relationship at a time when 12,000 U.S. troops will be withdrawn from the country. Trump did not inform the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in advance of the decision and there are reports that there were a number of nasty phone calls with Trump characteristically hurling insults and accusations. Macgregor will be tasked with fixing that even though he has made it clear that nearly all U.S. troops should be withdrawn from Germany because he believes that there is no risk that Russia will attack anyone beyond its current borders in Eastern Europe."
and (the (((problem)))):
"But the real issue that the critics have with Macgregor inevitably come down to the Israel/Jewish agenda, a hurdle that is also bedeviling the nomination of William Ruger, another antiwar critic of Middle Eastern foreign policy, who has been nominated as ambassador to Afghanistan. Per Boot “[Macgregor] even thinks that Germany has gone too far in making penance for Nazi crimes,” citing a 2018 comment by the colonel: “There’s sort of a sick mentality that says that generations after generations must atone for the sins of what happened in 13 years of German history and ignore the other 1,500 years of Germany. And Germany played a critical role in central Europe in terms of defending and preserving Western civilization.”

The ADL has expressed “deep concern” over the Macgregor appointment due to his “problematic remarks,” which it also describes as “highly troubling.” They have expressed their concern by way of a letter to Chairman Jim Risch and also to senior Democratic Party Ranking Member Bob Menendez of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. They accused Macgregor of having “downplay[ed] the importance of commemorating the Holocaust era, [and] exaggerating the views and influence of ‘people who call themselves neocons.’”

Of course, the neocons are fundamentally a Jewish movement that inter alia engages in the promotion of perpetual U.S. engagement in the Middle East on behalf of Israel. Ironically, while Macgregor is opposed to military intervention nearly everywhere, he is well-liked and even admired by the Israeli military officers and other officials that he met with on numerous visits to Israel both as an Army officer and since that time. He supports “defensible borders” for the Jewish state and has called the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem “long overdue.”

But Macgregor’s actual credentials come up against the Jewish suffering requirement. ADL Chief Executive Jonathan Greenblatt argued that “We need an American ambassador in Berlin who will forcefully push back against antisemitism and the minimizing of the Holocaust, not somebody whose past statements indicate that he might encourage those hateful ideas.” The ADL letter also complained that Macgregor’s apparent views “…would also place him at odds with the overwhelming bipartisan consensus of Congress, as demonstrated by legislation passed in this Congressional session with the encouragement of ADL such as the Never Again Education Act as well as House and Senate resolutions that condemned antisemitic tropes about dual loyalty or Jewish power.”

It is indeed interesting how Jewish groups exercise their power freely and openly demonstrate dual loyalty when it suits them and then pretend that they are both powerless and loyal Americans when someone challenges them. ADL and other organizations like it are in the “what have they done for the Jews” business. Continuing to tighten the screws on Germany to make reparations for Israel and the diaspora a perpetual gift that keeps on giving is one of their key objectives. The Never Again Education Act is little more than a government subsidized program to make sure that American school children are fed an approved diet of propaganda about what happened in Europe between 1939 and 1945. It makes Jews perpetual victims that always have to be protected and given special dispensation by the powers that be. 
In this case, having an ambassador in Germany who just might not spend his time catering to Jewish interests by “forcefully push[ing] back against antisemitism and the minimizing of the holocaust” is something that must be nipped in the bud by ADL. That is too bad, as there are bilateral issues like trade and defense involving Germany and the U.S. that impact on all Americans and Douglas Macgregor would appear to be the right man to deal with them. But as is all too often the case in the United States, the loudest voices, like ADL, are generally the ones that Congress pays attention to."
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