Wednesday, September 02, 2020

That's crazy!

"Navalny Gets Skripaled" (Moon):
"Funny how Novichok, the "military grade", "most deadly" poison, never kills anyone.

Where are, by the way, the Skripals? Will Navalny now get vanished just like they were?

Other questions one might ask (and will never get answered):
  • If the Russian state or "Putin" has poisoned Navalny why was he allowed to be flown out of the country?
  • No traces of any unusual substances have been found by the two Russian laboratories which analyzed the blood of the sick Alexei Navalny. Why?
  • While Navalny was allegedly exposed to such stuff why was no one else around him hurt by it?
  • Why was the German government so eager to get Navalny to Berlin?
  • Who has the lead in this anti-Russian information operation? The MI6, the CIA or the Germany BND?
My sense is that the Navalny incident, or at least what is made of it, is a reaction to the failure of the U.S. run color revolution attempt in Belarus. "Russia" must be punished for this."
I assume there will be more sanctions, and probably another run at derailing Nordstream.

"US says it will not join global effort to find COVID-19 vaccine".  Assholes!

"Israel’s Characteristic Beirut Hypocrisy" (Winstanley).

Peak Rothschild:  "In Lebanon, Macron offers the carrot or the stick" (Azhari):
"Macron said Hezbollah was a major constituent of the Lebanese population, with representation in parliament, and it would be foolish to exclude the group from the reform process.

He said that the next round of reform talks with Lebanon would broach the thorny issue of the group's arsenal, which rivals that of the Lebanese army. 
"Will we get to results directly? I don't know," said Macron. "But it shouldn't be a taboo.""
Tweet (Keith Woods):
"Patriot: "Vaccines cause autism, the sky is sprayed by with chemicals to poison us, mask wearing is to normalise sharia law, every elite is a satanist pedophile that harvests children" 
Me: "I believe an ethnic group co-operates to attain power over us" 
Patriot: "That's crazy""
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