Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Throw things up into the air

"The Left’s extreme behavior is solidifying support for Trump; it’s as if BLM has been invented by the Republicans" (Bruk).  "Why the US left loses: they can’t support Kyle Rittenhouse & Kenosha’s Jacob Blake" (Mazaheri).

""Liberalism's future now rests on a single question"" (interview with William Davies):
"One of the difficulties that liberals had (and still have) in understanding what happened over the period I'm discussing is that their own political assumptions and ideas about the world stopped working. It was taken for granted that people vote in favour of higher GDP growth, consensus, social peace. But what if they don't? What if they have a desire to throw things up into the air, and what if they might have good reasons for that? In many ways this is a repeat of what was seen economically in 2008, when basic explanatory principles of liberal economics stopped working."
"Intelligence Gathering at Protests, by J.D.".  Soros runs a tight, well organized, ship, including a full counter-intelligence operation.

Solid piece on the Black Dahlia murder:  "The Black Dahlia" (Corwin).
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