Thursday, September 03, 2020


Who would have guessed that the father of a random police encounter celebrity would be the smartest man in Assholia, actually at a Mel Gibson level of wokenness:  "Why Campaign Staffers Get Paid the Big Bucks: Apparently, Brussel Sprouts Aren't the Only Thing Jacob Blake Sr. Hates" (Sailer).

"The Left Case Against Supporting Joe Biden in the General Election" (Studebaker).  Without even mentioning the little matter of WWIII, with Biden's 'big tent' including the worst of the State Department Democrats - the ones who embarrassed themselves during the impeachment hearings with their 1980s view of Russia - plus, unbelievably, the worst of the Republican (((neocons))), who have joined the Resistance as part of the Never Trumper group.  President Biden = WWIII, a War For The Jews against Russia.

Planning around the Assholes:  "Definitive Eurasian Alliance Is Closer Than You Think" (Escobar).

"India Implodes Its Own New Silk Road" (Escobar).  Another case where dawdling at the instance of the Assholes leaves you missing the train at the station.  History is not going to look kindly on Modi.

"What Does “Antifa” Mean, Exactly?" (Anglin).

Fuel to the Fire
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