Monday, September 21, 2020

Utterly ignored

The Young Turks/Jacobin circle are monsters.  But you knew that.

Ha ha ha!  "Pro-Women’s Rights Supreme Court Judge Ruth Ginsburg Utterly Ignored Palestinian Genocide" (Polya).  Sailer is gleefully pointing out that, for a hero of the 'Resistance', she had some definite group supremacist ideas about Shvartzers:  "Conquest's First Law And RBG: "Everyone Is Conservative About What He Knows Best"" and "Just How Black Was RBG's One Black Clerk?".

"‘Green’ billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary" (Blumenthal).  Everything is a 'play' these days, some kind of arbitrage opportunity, and much of the 'green' stuff is a combo of free government cheese, and an attempt to offload environmental issues from the West to places like China which have to bear the environmental burden of manufacturing the 'green' equipment.  Then there is the usual cluster of liberal grifters hanging on to whatever the PR program of the moment is today.  Also:  tweet (Ben Norton):
"An important part of @MaxBlumenthal's deep investigation into how billionaires and US intelligence-linked foundations have co-opted the environmentalist movement is his damning section on Naomi Klein, which needs to get more attention (thread below)"
Gosztola tweets. "LIVE UPDATES: ASSANGE HEARING DAY TEN—Court Is in Session".  It's Cryptome!  Murray on the previous day.  I don't think it is possible to 'get through' to this 'judge' - she's upset as her inevitable verdict will make her look even worse if some of the defence testimony lands.

Tweet (Ali AlAhmed) (and right after he passes on President Jared's 'peace' deal!):
"Breaking: I am receiving reports that #Saudi @KingSalman is in critical condition. The 85 year old despot was a life-long smoker, Parliament & red Marlboro cigarettes & consumer of P&G whisky among other things. He remains at his palace. I am waiting 4 more info as of his death"
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