Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Wars that never ended

The (((Resistance))) continues to plot the coup:  tweet (Steppe-Optimized) (Frum/Kristol! see the thread):
"This is, I think, why the coupists have failed at every stage since 2016.  They‘re playing against a caricature version of Trump they themselves created for propaganda purposes.  They expect him to be easily-baited, like a dumb, lawless, narcissistic tyrant."
"John Pilger: The Stalinist Trial of Julian Assange".  It is particularly bad as the Asshole Powers That Be are trying to make a point, and warn others who might want to follow in the illustrious footsteps of Assange - in the words of Cartman 'Respect My Authoritay'.

Although Russiagate took a well deserved holiday during the Democrat convention, it's back for the election:  "Bipartisan Fear-Mongering" (Lazare).

"Espying Some Contours of Foreign Policy Amidst the Turmoil" (Crooke).  It is fairly easy - you can accept all the other baggage/bullshit and vote for Trump, or you can vote for WWIII and innumerable new Wars For The Jews which will put the final stake in the heart of Assholia.  Trump knows what Americans want:
"“Joe Biden spent his entire career outsourcing their dreams and the dreams of American workers, offshoring their jobs, opening their borders and sending their sons and daughters to fight in endless foreign wars, wars that never ended.
“Unlike previous administrations, I have kept America out of new wars, and our troops are coming home.
“We will have strong borders. And I’ve said for years, without borders, we don’t have a country. We don’t have a country. Strike down terrorists who threaten our people and keep America out of endless and costly foreign wars.”"
This is one of the times when the JQ, which sadly never really goes away, becomes the single most important existential threat facing the entire country.

"Bipartisan effort to oust the outsider Trump makes 2nd US stimulus unlikely" (Mazaheri):
"The $1.1 trillion for state and local government looks more like a phony “poison pill” designed to inflame Republican ideological morals when combined with the fact that the Democrat plan contains exactly zero additional aid for small businesses, who have always provided the backbone of the Republican Party. Small-business aid is the second-largest component of the Republican’s second stimulus plan, at $200 billion. Zero for small businesses – which provide over 40% of national economic output – is not only idiotic and guaranteed to perpetuate economic misery, but can easily be perceived by Republicans as an ideological slap in the face.

Many wonder if the plan of the Democratic elite all along was to drag their feet on what they wanted at the start of the coronavirus panic in order to put themselves in a position to accuse Republicans of dragging their feet on a deal closer to November. Allowing an already-festering country to rot for months in order to win an election sounds like bad governance bordering on treason, but the anti-Trump faction among the US 1% is surely willing to do anything to get the rogue politician out of office.

Last month Trump smartly circumvented Congress to extend desperately-needed jobless benefits to tens of millions of Americans – what’s perplexing is why Trump isn’t already talking about doing that again? Aiding suffering constituents shouldn’t be denigrated as corrupt “patronage” or “vote-buying” – it’s good governance. Unfortunately, elite Republicans ideologically insist that “good governance” is an oxymoron.

Trump was elected in 2016 precisely because he defied Republican leadership and ideology – the best way for him to get re-elected would be to revert to that form, and to send another round of direct stimulus to voters. 
That may require bypassing Congress again, which seems unlikely to agree on a significant compromise. This allows both sides to blame each other for economic woes all the way up until November 3, but it crucially allows “the swamp” to do something which they emphatically agree on: blaming Trump for every problem in order to get the unprecedented outsider out of office."
How bad are the Khkloptos?:  "The Israel-Palestine Conflict, Annexation And Normalization (in depth)" (South Front).

"‘Israel’ spends millions of dollars every year trying to spread the anti-Semitism lie".  This is obviously the fault of the Khleptos, but falling for this trick is entirely on us.  We have to stop allowing ourselves to be triggered by this bullshit, and laugh when we hear the slur.

I like how Pelosi added to the problem by throwing the poor salon owner under the bus and talking about a conspiracy to set her up!:  "Going Down in Style: Nancy Pelosi’s Illicit ‘Blow Out’ Exposes Democrats as Above-the-Law Elitists" (Bridge):
"No word yet on possible any Russian connections at the salon."
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