Saturday, October 17, 2020

Hack and leak

 "Facebook and Twitter's Intervention Highlights Dangerous New Double Standard" (Taibbi):

"The optics of a former Democratic Party spokesman suddenly donning a Facebook official’s hat to announce a ban of a story damaging to Democrats couldn’t be worse. Moreover, the Orwellian construct described in papers like the Times suggests that for tech executives, pundits, and Democratic Party officials alike, the lines between fake news and bad news, between actual misinformation and information that is merely politically adverse, have been blurred. It’s no longer clear that some of these people see a meaningful distinction between the two ideas. 

The public can’t help but see this. While papers like the Times denounce the true Podesta emails as “misinformation,” and Facebook says the New York Post story must be kept out of sight until verified, the standard for, say, the Steele dossier was and is opposite. In that case, we were told “raw intelligence” should be published so that “Americans can make up their own minds” about information that, while “salacious and unverified,” may still be freely read on Twitter and Facebook, reported on in the New York Times and Washington Post, and talked about on NBC, so long as it has not been completely “disproven.”

As Erik Wemple of the Washington Post points out, even that last point is no longer true, but the Steele dossier and plenty of other products of what Axios calls “hack and leak” journalism continue to be embraced and freely distributed. The obvious double-standard guarantees that the tech platforms will henceforth be viewed by a huge portion of the population as political censors instead of standards enforcers, and moreover that mainstream press pronouncements about such controversies will be deemed automatically untrustworthy by that same population."

"Yes, The Hunter Biden Emails Are Authentic by Larry C Johnson".  More details on the mechanics of the story.  Crackheads like Hunter tend to be sloppy with their lives, and with their stuff.

Remember Mohamed Atta was working for the government, training wannabe jihadists in New Jersey around 2000, the time he was supposed to be a student in Hamburg?  We've seen a long list of young Muslim men entrapped through confidential informants working for the FBI.  Well, the Assholian government is still up to the same tricks, this time with the gullible being wannabe revolutionaries, and it is not at all clear whether they are 'Nazis' or 'Antifa' (though, of course, to fit The Narrative, they will always be called 'Nazis').  "Secret recordings of neo-Nazi terror network The Base 'show the group actively recruiting US military members as they prepare for the "impending collapse" of US society and the coming race war'" (Fruen).  I'd be shocked if Rinaldo Nazzaro wasn't on some government payroll.

"How Yelp Scams Photographers (and Other Business Owners)" (St Louis) (original link:  "").

"Japan to release Fukushima contaminated water into sea: Reports".
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